Choosing a Masters Program

One of my big to do's over spring break was to finalize my search for a master's program. It seems fitting that on the last day of spring break I finally sat down and looked into the details.

Let me tell you this, I am no closer to a decision than I was one hour ago, one week ago or one month ago, sigh.

Let's start simple.

I want my master's for three reasons:

1.  I know that education administration is in my future.
2.  I have always wanted a master's it is a personal goal I hold dear for many reasons.
3.  I want more money. Yes I can openly admit this.

I know getting a master's will be difficult, expensive and time consuming and despite all of those things I am still convinced that it is a path I want to follow.

I have decided on a few things:

1. I want a Master's in Career and Technical Education. While I stumbled into teaching in this department I have completely fallen in love with the field.  And I believe there is opportunities for myself to make an impact both with guiding students down through CTE electives, certifications and pathways but also in curriculum writing and working with various CTE administrators and teachers to design programs that fit the needs of the labor market.

2.  I will be doing my master's completely online. I did my teaching alternative certification this way and I feel like I enjoyed the experience  I also know that committing to sitting in class at night after teaching class all day will be something I do not follow through. At least I am honest with myself.

I have found two programs that fit my needs:

1. Mizzou Online
2. Northern Arizona University

But here is where things get confusing for me:

1. How do you know the difference?
2. What questions can I ask an advisor to help me determine the difference?
3.  Is there certain school accreditation's that I should be looking for?

The only real thing I have to go on right now is the cost. Frankly, I am already in so much school debt that I don't really mind taking on more...said the crazy lady.  But honestly there is a $200 difference for each credit between the two schools, and that's a lot of money. So if I was basing this on cost I know exactly which one I would choose.

Or if I was choosing colleges like I choose wine, I would base my decision on how the website looks and the eloquent wording of the program descriptions.

But should the choice of my future education be done like a bargain shopper or using my wine choosing ways. Cause lets be honest I have made poor choices using either technique before.

So any one out there with some knowledge of online education master programs please provide this little lost shopper some advice, insight or direction. It would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

- The Babbling Box!

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