It's Spring Break, kind of...

This year's spring break has got me feeling old tired no longer able to 'hang.'

After 12 hours of being 'out' with friends yesterday I called it quits. Before midnight eleven. And made someone take me back to my car. I felt sooo LAME. And today both Mr. B and I decided that avoiding SXSW and sleeping was the way to go. PARTY ANIMALS!

I realized I only took like three pictures yesterday...none with my girlfriend who was visiting from NY, epic fail.  

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time catching up with her. Day drinking. Sitting on patios enjoying the amazing Austin weather. I just wish spring break didn't have to be such a balance between catching up on sleep/life and having fun. Darn responsibility, always biting me in the butt.

So today I am recalling a simpler time. A time where 5 girls traveled in two cars (with too much luggage) from Texas to Florida on our version of a Spring Break road trip.  It was 2008 and none of us had 'real jobs'   or sleep to catch up on. We worked hard and saved hard for one reason and one reason only. SPRING BREAK!

 I say our version because if I recall correctly none of us were actually students. Just members of the bar industry which made taking 10 days off so completely easy.

We took hundreds of pictures. Drank too many cans of beer. Made friends with boys where ever we went. Some took us on boats. Some made us bonfires. Some took our pictures staring at wooden fences...we were just cool like that...or something!

Meet boys. Boys make fire.

Poor bell hop had to push that cart through New Orleans for us, we paid him in beer.
I didn't park it, I swear!
Obsessed with tiny braids and Dropkick Murphy's!
I am on a boat!

Do no understand why this picture amused us so much back then.

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. Hilarious! Love it! And your blog is so awesome! Thanks for linking up!