No Judgement Allowed

It's the last Friday of Spring Break and it just came way too fast. Granted many of you don't get spring break so please hold back your eye rolls as I have my own pity party.

The tickle in my throat has me staying in this Friday night. I feel mildly guilty as it is my girlfriends last night in town until December. But starting off next week sick would be no bueno!  Random side note: this week I learned that Buffalo, NY is eight hours from NYC, NY. EIGHT!?! So even though we will be in the same state in August seeing her will not be an option.

Mr. B came home from working his two different jobs a minute ago and was slightly confused why I was just eating dinner at 9:30 and asked what I did today, the answer wasn't pretty. Please don't judge. I assure you he is doing enough of it!

I woke up at 11:30. Ate a leftover chuychanga from Chuy's, because it was easy. Went to Old Navy because I have had a hard time deciding what to wear lately. Bought nothing. Went to HEB. Came home ate lunch at 4:30. Then went to Target, an hour later still in Target.

I realized I had nothing for dinner so I bought a box of frozen shrimp (target brand) and baby oil (awesome substitute for shaving cream might I add). Some how got around to making said shrimp at 9:30 and paired it with ghetto nachos (chips with cheese melted on them) and my left over Chuy's rice and beans.

I am just living the DREAM!!! 
Please don't be too jealous of my amazing life I am sure it blows you away...

Honestly I am not sure why I shared all that, I found it all to be amusing, perhaps I am missing my students more than I thought...

And now for some letters just to insure that this post is completely random.

Dear Next Friday, please come as quick as this Friday came. 
Dear Google Reader, I am very UNPLEASED you will be going away when I have just discovered my love for you. 
Dear HEB, I am unhappy that you no longer carry those amazing Jalapeno Battered Shrimp. They were delicious. I would have bought more if you needed me to...
Dear Target, why must you always suck me in. I needed baby oil and muffin tins yet I left sans muffin tins nearly 1.5 hours later.  P.S. Thanks for hiring my sister!
Dear tickle in my throat, please go away I don't like being sick. Ain't no one got time for that.
Dear family, please stop being so CRAZY! I love you but I am not at all happy to drive to and from Houston in a day for an awkward birthday lunch. At least there will be margarita's!
Dear Austin Weather, thank you for being so amazing beautiful. Please stick around for a while and not jump straight to the 90's. 
Dear Mr. B, thank you for loving my regardless of how much your judging me right now.
Dear self, please learn to be more content with your life and what you have right now. It's not healthy to continually beat yourself up for not being something more or different.


- The Babbling Box!

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  1. I found you from Friday Letters and, I must say, I INSTANTLY connected because I, too, can get immersed all things Target for hours, I made nachos with cheese melted on them three times last week (Haterz gonna hate), and I AM SO UPSET ABOUT GOOGLE READER!!! Seriously, not okay!

    Despite all of the challenges, I hope you had a great rest of your day today! ;)