This Weekend I...Peed on a Bus!

Oh Monday, I have such a bittersweet relationship with you, my head is still in weekend mode but regardless  5 am came around and slapped me in the face this morning.

My weekend was different so I figured I would switch things up and babble about it for a bit rather than actually accept that it's Monday.

Side note: My weekend was Mr. B-less so you wont see any of him in this post. Mr. B works two jobs, one of which is at a bar in west campus, for those of you who don't know west campus is where all the frats and sororities exist near The University of Texas. This weekend was Round Up weekend aka Mr. B's hell weekend. Basically a three day drinking binge for underage and barely of age college students. So lots of fanny packs, neon and debauchery.

This is the youth of very scared!

Enough about Mr. B's poor overworked soul, back to my weekend.

I left work and went to the gym and ate a super healthy dinner. went to Marshall's and purchased three new dresses just because I could couldn't but that's what credit cards are for. I have a problem, but admitting it is the first step...right?!?  Then I purchased Sonic for dinner because I wasn't about to cook after all that hard work shopping.

Then I followed some sage advice that my middle school girls provided me.  Apparently kool-aid can be used to dye your hair. So I drank the kool-aid and purchased a whole big buck worth of kool-aid packets and dipped my hair in it for 30 minutes, not expecting a whole bunch of anything.

I was pleasantly surprised to find these results:

I will definitely be doing this again no matter how cheap ghetto it might be.  
Then I decided to do some drinking and get my little butt to bed before midnight.

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn, well 6 am so I pretty sure that qualifies as the butt crack of dawn on a Saturday.
And proceeded to get myself together for my little trip to Houston for my little brother's 25th birthday lunch, and by get myself together I mean throw two outfits, three pair of shoes and some makeup in a bag and go. 
I had decided to take a MegaBus, which I must say is an amazing form of transportation. For $23.00 total I got to and from Houston  all the while reading a book, having wireless internet and most importantly NOT driving.

I was able to start reading this little gem recommended by When In Doubt Just Add Glitter:
and I am totally hooked. Maybe I will even talk about it at some point later.

My sister picked me up at the bus station and let me get changed and ready in her car. Were classy like that.
We then went to Target to find my brother a present, and then I proceeded to get another dress and then change again...I am super cool like that...or indecisive.

We then had dinner with the family, more on that later, which included Mexican food and margarita's. 

Me and the little brother. 
My grandparents, little brother and sister.
Birthday boy and his lady.
Sister took me back to the bus stop and I was on my way home.

My chauffeur for the day.
I learned two very important lessons: one after too many margarita's peeing on a a moving bus is hard work and two only creeps travel on a bus on a Saturday night.

Said Megabus dropped me back off in West Campus, so I then had the privilege of walking through massive amounts of little boys in neon man tanks, I gave them all the stink eye to ensure they would not talk slur at me. I even had the honor must burn my eyes experience of seeing one pee in front of me. 
Not everyone can be as lucky as me.

Since it was eleven o'clock and my day buzz had long since faded, I picked me up some J Box tacos and proceeded to drink some more.

A housewife I am not, but I did a little cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and laundry on Sunday. 
No Sunday Funday here.
As a reward for all my hard work I ended my weekend with a little bubble bath, wine and my kindle. 
It was a blissful way to spend the final hours of my weekend.
Be jealous!

I do believe I have a bit of my wine until next weekends shenanigans I will be back in teacher mode, at least its a three day weekend.

- The Babbling Box!

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