They Just Don't Get IT!

I don't think teachers/administrators understand my classroom sometimes. And it's frustrating me!

And here is why:

Reason 1:
At an after school meeting today we were discussing PBS stuff we want to work on for next year. One major topic was hallway behavior. A teacher has a proposal of segregating all three grades in the before school time and doing a staggered release to classroom.

I actually really liked his plan. 

But I mentioned how would that work for me, I teach all three grades, and he was puzzled. He had to actually ask me twice what I meant. Yes in fact in one classroom, there are three grade levels. So a 12 minute window of getting students into my room seemed like a recipe for failure.

Reason 2:  
Tomorrow some of my web design students are going to get a 'free day.' 
Because they have worked so hard and deserve it, honestly not really. 
But because the 8th graders were gone all day Friday and all of my block 90 minute period on Wednesday, I haven't seen 23 students in my 3rd period class but one day in the last week. That left 7 lonely students to do work...

Reason 3:
I had to postpone my Robotics Races today!
Thus changing all of my lesson plans, cause I love doing that, for the next two days. Why, because my 7th graders are at a writing camp for the past two days. Which is about half of each of my Robotics classes.

Reason 4:
Fellow teachers complain because I don't attend Team meetings every Friday and they have to. Really it isn't me skipping on work, but I teach during those times and really should I be attending three team meetings every Friday, that seems excessive!

Let's get one thing clear first, I HEART that I get to teach all three grade levels. Each grade offers unique skills and perspectives to our classes and I think it makes it richer and more exciting environment  I would not want to teach any other subject at any other grade level!

But really the issue comes down to communication. If I knew half of my classes would be out most of this week in advance, like the week before since our lesson plans had to be submitted last Friday, I would have made changes to my plans to do a fun one day activity. Because let's be honest here, once it's been made I will never be happy about changing my 7+ page lesson plan...

But no I don't go to Team meetings so I don't get to stay in the loop on the daily/weekly grade level events. It's a stupid catch 22 I guess... 

Oh and I feel like before I end this rant I should add, I actually was observed during one of these days. My administrator walked in and noticed that all of my class was gone, except the lonely 7 students and still did a write up so it's not like I could of just given my students a free day. Sigh.

END RANT!!! Promise.

In an attempt to end this blog on the lighter side and because I have wanted to for a while, I am linking up with Diane at Fifth In the Middle for her blogs by State link up. Which I think is a pretty neat way to find more local teacher bloggers or blogger teachers...either way you get my point

And New readers please note that I don't rant every blog post...sometimes I really just babble. With marketing like that I am sure it just makes you want to stick around for more...

- The Babbling Box!

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