Babbles From Houston

Surprisingly I am writing this post from Houston! I say surprisingly because generally when I visit Houston I am forced to leave technology behind, not because of a mandated family break, just that neither of my parents have internet. 

But this visit my mom has legit internet service which is pretty awesome! 'Piggy backing' internet service is frustrating especially when my mom's household is generally asleep by ten o'clock. Hence my late night post despite the fact that I am returning to Austin tomorrow.  Let's be honest there is only so much time I can spend on pinterest before my mind is ready to explode...listening to ticking clocks probably isn't helping...

Since my mind continues to run I decided now was a perfect time to link up with Jess and Jenn for my Five for Five checklist.

First I will review my goals from last week: green means accomplished and red means failed

1. Blogging Goal Post three blog posts this week and update my 365 photo page. 
2.  Classroom Goal - Have everything ready by Friday for the week following spring break. 
3.  House Goal Complete my weekend checklist.
4.  Personal Goal - Go to the gym four days this week. 
5.  Random Goal - Return my new purse to

For the most part you will notice I was successful this week, my only real issue was with the gym since I only made it twice. I blame my out of whack schedule at work since I was out on Monday.

And here are my goals for this week...MY SPRING BREAK!!!!! Too many exclamations marks?!?

1.  Blogging Goal - Three blog posts this week and update my 365 photo page. Hopefully this can become a habit and less of an undertaking if I stay on top of it weekly.  Last year spring break was jam packed with so many fun outings that I barely remember them so I want to do a better job of recording my memories on this dear old blog of mine.  The readers need more babbling!!!

2.  Personal Goal - 4 days in the gym this week, I have no work to blame this week so its all on me.

3.  TPT Goal - I have a TPT store that I rarely visit or update, it's a sad little place compared to some of your TPT stores I am sure. Since I brought home my work laptop I think I should at least put 5 items up...especially since I have made so much for my classroom that is easy to share. Perhaps not relevant to many due to my subjects, but still I never know what fellow teachers can use.

4.  House Goal - Cook at least two different meals at home this week. I have such a large tendency to eat out too much during holidays or time away from work. Especially when you have friends visiting from out of town it is so easy to get caught up in the 'meet you here' lifestyle. Since I already bought all my groceries last week hopefully this will be an easy one to accomplish.

5.  Future Goal - Finalize research on Master's Programs. I started this research like two months ago and then haven't gone back and made any decisions or really even thought about it. So I want to use this week to narrow down my choices and start a to do list of all the paperwork and forms that need to be completed to apply.

6.  Friendship Goal - I know I am adding a 6th goal and totally breaking the rules, I am a rebel what can  I say. But I have the whole week off so perhaps this will be okay just this once. Our close friends had twin girls 10 days ago and will hopefully be able to take them home tomorrow. I know they have been bombarded with family and friends so we have been trying to give them space but Mr. B and I want to cook something to drop by and of course see the twins! Any suggestions of recipes would be appreciated!

I felt like I should of included HAVE FUN and HEART time with friends and family. But really that is a given on spring break and I would hope someone would check my mental state if I needed to be reminded to do those things...if you weren't concerned already...Mr. B certainly is some days.

I am also linking up with Dana at Fun in First Grade for her Inspiration Monday, I am sure some of you out there in bloggy world also are making to do lists and trying to get life re-straightened out over spring break. No, I am the only obsessive checklist-er out there...oh well...perhaps you will enjoy these anyways...

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Trips to Houston always remind me of this.

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More gym motivation!

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For my sister, if she reads this.

- The Babbling Box!

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