Growing Up Is Never Easy, Pt. 1

Back in Austin! I HEART family time but I sure do love being home.

My two hour drive home today allowed me a lot of time to day dream space out think about life.  And then pinterest pretty much summed it up for...

So really, I didn't need two hours to come up with that but for anyone who has ever made that drive its very boring un-scenic mind numbing.

Lately I have been faced with a lot of 'adult' scenarios that I haven't really known how to handle. I don't really feel like I am an adult: yes I am of adult age and yes I have a adult job and yes I handle adult responsibilities.

But is this the face of an adult...

If asked by any one I would never claim I am an adult, I certainly like living in my silly little world of giggles and boops. Fake mustaches. Skipping and boozing. Random adventures. Too short shorts.  Wearing madri gras beads in May, just because. Unexpected jigs in the kitchen. And dreams of running away to Costa Rica one day when I finally have to become an adult.

I blame high school/ doesn't exactly prepare you for the realities of in point...

Thank my lucky stars...

But for the most part my current issues are all of the social nature so did I miss the day when the 'adult manual' was passed out. How do people handle friends getting married, having babies, in-laws, divorce, etc.  Side note: I really don't get why my students want to grow up so fast...its not all fun and games.

So I decided to do a series of blog posts babbling about my latest 'adult problems' with the hopes of either gaining your insight or making myself feel not so alone in navigating this unknown 'adult world.'

Part 1:  Dealing With A Sister In Law

My younger brother is turning 25 in a couple of weeks. He is a pretty awesome dude, I constantly joke that he is 25 going on 40. He works really hard, like enjoys 70 hour work weeks hard. He is a firefighter which sort of makes him a hero to me. He is also a very VERY private dude. Like if he knew I was writing this I would be in BIG trouble, but lucky for me he doesn't even know my blog name.  Obviously we are not that close, which bothers me, but is something I am working on.

Brother and I at Thanksgiving!
Both my brothers in 2009, too cute not to add.
So brother has a girlfriend he lives with, they have been together like 4 years or so. He seems very committed to her. Even moved her mom and little sister into their apartment to help them out. Pretty much handles all big financial decisions for their family. She pretty much is my sister in law, without the title, exactly. But she doesn't act like it. Has little interest in being friendly with myself, sister or mom. I don't live with them so I don't know the whole story so I try not to judge too much.

So girlfriend is planning a surprise birthday lunch for my brother in two weeks. Which means another trip to Houston, but oh well!

Here is the dilemma: the girlfriend called my grandmother to help plan the birthday lunch. Not my mom. Like hasn't even bothered to call my mom and invite her. Needless to say my mom's feelings are very hurt and she won't be attending. 

I would like to text the girlfriend and just give her a heads up so she isn't caught off guard by the whole situation. But like I said we aren't close. In four years we probably have said less than 10 sentences to each other. And I have no desire to get in between whatever issue she has with my mom. 

I would want to know if I hurt someone's feelings but that's my personality not everyone else's.

I want this to be a nice birthday for my brother so I want to make the situation better but I also don't want to further push my brother into his 'new family.' 

So should I give her a heads up or not?!?

Anyone out there who has dealt with sister in law relationships that weren't ideal I would greatly appreciate advice on how to improve the whole situation.  Thank you in advance!

- The Babbling Box


  1. Ugh! That's a tough one. I can tell you that sister-in-law relationships can be tough... and sometimes it's worth not rocking the boat, but other times for your sanity, you have to speak up. I think this is a case where if you can NICELY let her know there's some tension, the girl might be able to fix it. Maybe something like, "Hey! It's really great that you're organizing this surprise birthday lunch. I know my mom would LOVE to be involved with the planning, too... maybe you could give her a call? She's feeling a little left out of the communication right now and would love to be in the loop so she can help with your awesome surprise!"

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestion, such a nicer response then I had drafted in my head. Whatever the outcome is at least I know I handled it nicely!