Nerd Out Much

Most couples have a song, we have a comic strip.

Ever heard of Pearls Before Swine?  It's a pretty nifty little comic strip that stars a narcissistic rat, naive pig, intellectual goat and a guard duck, plus a few more characters.

Most of our cheesy anniversaries or holidays center around giving each other Pearls Before Swine books or stuffed animals. One year I even decoupaged a dvd shelf with the strips for Mr. B.

Just a few of my friends!
 Obsessed might be an understatement.
We are totally unique...

So when Mr. B told me that Stephan Pastis was having a book signing, I was TOTALLY on board to going. Despite it being a school night and me being old and all.

Stephen Pastis's newest book is called Timmy The Failure: Mistakes Were Made, and its actually aimed at middle readers so NO references to booze or insults, but never the less still a good read. If I wasn't a total nerd about the whole thing I would bring the book to my classroom for my students to read...but its MINE!  And Mr. B's, I guess...

On the last Tuesday in February Mr. B and I went to happy hour Austin Land and Cattle, which by the way is an awesome happy hour if you are ever in the Austin area.

And then after a few adult cocktails wondered down to the book signing...of a children's book. Please refrain from judging to much!

Stephen Pastis was just as funny to listen to as I would of expected.

Excuse the blurry pictures, I was trying not to be 'that' girl taking his picture a million times.
Then we waited in line to get our book signed and of course I got all shy and unbabbley (that's a word right?!?) and couldn't think of anything to say.  

Regardless it was a really fun night and a neat experience.  I HEART sharing firsts with Mr. B and it was my first book signing. Since today is our 5 year 'boyfriend-girlfriend' anniversary (we have a few anniversaries, another unique quality about us) I felt like sharing a bit more of our couple side on this little ole blog of mine.

- The Babbling Box!

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