Obsessive Quitter

There are certain things that I have just accepted about my unique personality:

1.  I am a control freak!
2.  I get irrationally mad at inanimate objects.
3.  I will always be running late.
4.  I get drunk off of two drinks regardless of the situation.
5.  I am an obsessive quitter.

I start up a project and become...well let's say... obsessed. Like must do this hobby/activity all hours of the day and night, talk about, write about, purchase items to make it happen, etc.. Then I get bored and just quit the whole thing all together. 

I have the attention span of a five year old most days. And a hall closet stuffed with would be obsessions. It's where things go to die.

Things I have loved then quit include but are not limited to: painting, crafting, decorating the house, my 365 photo project (such a shame), working out, reading, dying my hair with koolaid, cooking, TPT, master's programs, downloading music, bubble baths...you get the point.

Chances are I will 'fall' back in love with any of these activities at any given point but when and where remains a mystery.

Quite frankly I have been pretty impressed that I have stuck around this old blog for nearly a year, and Mr. B for nearly six years. I guess some things are worth being obsessed over. 

What's the point?!? Nothing, I just felt like babbling...

Actually I just wanted to share my latest obsession before I quit it, this could very well be tomorrow so...must type faster!

I have been on a working out and eating healthy kick lately, shocking right I haven't talked about it at all lately.

Anyways my mom suggested this site Wellness Mama as a place that had good clean recipes for both food, cleaning products and makeup. Let's be real for a second, I have no intention of making my own makeup, I keep Target in business with my obsession with buying it. But I have learned that baking soda makes an amazing face exfoliant and is super cheap so there is something to be said about this site. 

My weekend consisted of a lot of browsing this site, planning my weekly menu from this site and cooking some of these recipes. Don't you wish you could live this fabulously!

So if you are looking for a new place to find recipes or healthy living ideas that isn't pinterest, blasphemy I know, you should check out this site!

1. St. Louis Blues lost in the playoffs Friday night, Mr. B was a sad panda.
2. Went to the gym and had the whole women's section to myself, its the little things.
3.  I made Apple Cinnamon Muffins from the Wellness Mamma site so yummy!
4. Dyed my hair, without koolaid, and yes it takes two boxes.
5. New hair color, completely surprised with how much I HEART the color.
6. Calamari Pasta from Wellness Mamma, unexpected yumminess!
7.  Finally used my press on nail polish from my Birchbox in March, still on the fence about the design.
8.  Went to brunch on Sunday with some old friends. Sat on the patio and enjoyed a spicy Bloody Mary and chicken and waffles cause screw the diet, YOLO!
9. Ended the weekend with some awesome hammock time.

A few other recipes I tried out from Wellness Mamma are:

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week, four more days til Friday!

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- The Babbling Box!

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