It's You, Not Me

I have talked a bit about how I am working on sticking to a budget and that I am constantly blowing the budget...blah blah blah. 

These last eight days of May have been terrible difficult without the S word in my life, I really don't know I how I am coping. 

Today I needed to stop by Target on my way home from the gym to get a Mother's Day Card and something for lunch tomorrow. 

And I had a realization! One of those 'aha moments'! Well first I killed 40 minutes in Target then I had that epiphany but it happened all the same. 

It's Target's fault that I am constantly busting my budget, because it certainly isn't my fault.

So after today Target and I are breaking up, it will be difficult but I know that I have some sort of strength deep deep deep inside to end this costly relationship. Hopefully. 

Honestly, Target you had this coming for a while. 
Really it's you, not me! 
Here is why:

ONE. You are too close to my house. Like right across the street. I don't even have to sit at a light to get my  fix of your goodness. You are really too needy in this relationship, constantly demanding my attention, its suffocating. 

TWO. You have three locations within a 12 mile radius to my house. One on my way home. One near my school. One on the way to my grocery store. Stop being so damn easy already. 

THREE. You carry everything!!! Things I need, don't need, want, didn't know I even wanted. I can't keep up with your changing personalities, make up your mind already.

FOUR. You are a major time suck on my social life. Need one item, spend an hour with you. Bored on a Saturday afternoon, spend two hours with you and refuse to look at the balance as I hand my cashier my credit card. Stop wasting my time with all of your crap!

FIVE. If I inventoried (and one day I might I tend to be a bit of a nerd) my closet I would find that half of clothes come from Target. If I did this to my students, I would find this to be slightly true as well. Other bloggers, also slightly true. Stop cheating on me!

As if we need further examples here are a few recent fashion choices I made before I ended my relationship with you-know-who:
Denim Jacket - Target
White Dress Shirt - Old Navy
Belt - Old
Magenta Shirt - Target
Denim Polka Dot Shirt - Target
Pink Under Tank - Charlotte Russe
Tuxedo Pants - Max Studio (Marshalls)
Shoes - Reef
A Combo of the two outfits above!

If we are being completely honest here, my shopping strike ends May 31st, so I could probably bet you money that I will be back in this horrible expensive, abusive relationship with Target by June 3rd.

Please tell me I am not the only one with issues with Target! 

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  1. Target just has such great can you resist?! The best thing to do is just not go in the store...haha. But I really like the last outfit! Super cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  2. Love the combo outfit! The chambray is adorbs! You look amazing!