The One Where I Babble About Randomness

Five For Friday Saturday!  I should probably just accept that until summer there is very little chances I will ever make it to one of these on an actual Friday. Shrug, its my blog I will do what I want to!


ONE.  It was Teacher Appreciation this week and I received some of the sweetest notes from a few of my students. Here is my all time favorite note EVER, I really want to frame it.

Also one of my kiddio's gave me a gift card to Starbucks.

Last year I didn't receive anything so all of this completely surprised me.

TWO. Only 17 days left. Woot! Woot!

The general school demeanor has been a bit crazy and it is starting to seep into my classroom. Problem is I have created monsters this year with all of my positive praise. Every time one of my students needs to be directed they have been popping back with 'sorry, but you LOVE us.' Apparently they think my love of them erasers all wrong doings, silly kiddio's.

THREE. I received approval to attend a Texas Career Education Conference this summer in Houston. Our school has no money to pay for any professional development so the fact that the district is covering the expenses is so lovely.

Also the conference is in Houston, where all of my family is so an added bonus will be getting to visit them a bit while I am there.

Oh, and the conference hotel is in the Galleria. As a kid I always thought it would be super cool to stay at the hotel in the Galleria. Hello shopping! And now I get too. I am giddy like a kid getting to go to Disney Land. Perhaps I need to get out more.

Here is to hoping this years summer conference is better than last years disaster in Corpus Christi, the trip we don't speak about.

FOUR. I have been busting my butt at the gym this week and loving the variety I have been working into my gym routines. I have a tendency to get bored very quickly with working out so I am doing two things this month to tackle the monotony.

First my 30 miles in 30 days challenge. I am very competitive so once I posted this on my blog I knew it  would force myself to 'beat' myself up a bit.

The Pink Growl Link Up

05/05 - 1.21 miles and weight training
05/07 - 3.03 miles
05/08 - 2.59 miles
05/10 - 1.81 miles
05/11 - 2.25 miles and weight training

Combined with my workout last week I am already up to 16.82 miles this month. Woot! Woot!

The other way I am 'spicing' up my workout routine has been changing up my weight training routine. I talked about ToneIt Up last week but I actually started watching some of the videos on YouTube this week and even tried out a few new moves this week. So far I am head over heels with how simple but effective these routines are. I also have no short term memory so today while doing my cardio I watched two videos on my iphone and then just repeated the moves. No shape magazines, looking up a bunch of stuff or trying to copy the very fit girl next to me. I actually felt like I belonged in the gym. Crazy I know.

Here is a one of their MANY videos:

FIVE. For me the key to any good workout is good tunes. I used to have a bunch of good workout playlists but then my itouch was flooded in my workout bag. And as I have mentioned plenty of times I get computer viruses on the regular so I have lost all of my music. Perhaps this is why I stopped working out.

Anyways I discovered the Pandora station: Rap Strength Training this past week and I am LOVING these jams. I never get bored of this station or have a desire to skip over songs. Plus I get my 90's rap fix in which has definitely reawakened my inner love for Eminem. Ever since Slim Shady days I have been in crush with him. At one point or another I have downloaded every single one of his cd's. And I can watch 8 Mile any day of the week, and I am not afraid to admit it! 

Some girls swoon over Brad Pitt but I swoon over Eminem, don't worry I already know I am a bit crazy. So now for your listening pleasure:

Lose Yourself by Eminem on Grooveshark

I wore yoga pants

- The Babbling Box!


  1. 30 miles in 30 days sounds fun! I should try something like that.

  2. I love Houston! We lived there for 12 years before we moved to the Dallas area. I miss it a LOT! Have so much fun there! Congrats on getting approved. We never get to go to conferences!