The Almost Pinata Adventure

I had hoped that I would actually make this Five for Friday on an actual Friday but we were too busy pinata shopping last night to post.


I posted a few weeks about GameStar Mechanic and how we were going to give it a try in my Web Design class. Let me just say that my students are hooked like kids are to candy or takis if you are my students

Their final video games were due Friday and I had to cut off the project or we would be doing it until the end of the year. What I did not account for was in order to grade their games I would have to play each and every game. That is over 60 games. And I will let you in on a little secret, I suck at playing video games. So each game is taking over 20 minutes to grade...I might be here until July. I spent most of Wednesday and Friday trying to grade some of the games.

Here are a peak at two of just the many amazing games, really I was blown away at some of their creativity and engagement in this whole unit.  Super Mario Bros inspired!  and amazing storyline!  I wish I could have embedded them but it just wouldn't work.

In Robotics we started Sumo Bots this week and hands down this is my favorite project.   

This project was born out of frustrations my first semester where all my students wanted to do was physically fight then build robots with legos. Sumo bots began a more constructive way to channel their energies and was one of the first projects to get everyone engaged. Hopefully I will get some good videos to share this year but here are a few pictures of what Sumo Bots looks like.


In Career Technology we are working on some financial topics. For this unit I allow them to find an apartment and decorate the apartment to their taste. The catch, they only have $5000.00 and must spend every penny exactly. It's all about budgeting and trade offs. 

My students started researching the costs of items this weeks and both periods were exactly the same way: 'a bed costs how much?' 'Oh, my kids are sleeping on the floor.' 'wait that's just the cost of the comforter.' 

We have had some big conversations about how they enter an apartment with only what they own not what the apartment complex shows comes in an apartment on the website. And that you don't actually get all the pretty decorations, pillows and even the bed when you are looking at the pictures online at say walmart or kohls. Let's just say I burst a few student's bubbles. 

But I love being able to teach the students some real world topics some days...if only we all had $5000 to decorate our first places.

Last night Mr. B needed to purchase and fill six pinatas for the bar he manages fifth birthday today and of course Cinco de Mayo celebration.

So we were off on a pinata adventure.

First we needed to figure out where we could purchase Pintatas on a Friday night after 7 pm.

Then we needed to get margaritas and queso...granted we didn't actually need this but it sure helped!

Then we went pinata hunting and learned a very important lesson...pinatas be EXPENSIVE!  

One pinata was close to $25.00 plus it would take 3 or 4 $10 bags of candy to properly fill it. That's over $50 per pinata...and we set these up for children to beat the crap out of.  

Needless to say the GM called off the whole pinata adventure but not before I snapped a few pictures.



I am kicking off a 30 miles in 30 days challenge in order to get my booty back in bikini shape. I had tried this out in April but didn't really advertise it or stick with it for that matter. So hopefully putting it out there in the blogging world will hold me more accountable this month.

The Pink Growl Link Up

I am already off to a pretty good start:
5/1 = 3.01 miles
5/3 = 2.81 miles

I also found the Tone It Up! blog which is a place where anyone looking to get more fit can help support each other. There are youtube videos of different workouts. And healthy recipes.

Just their picture alone makes me want to go to the gym today!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

- The Babbling Box!

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