Currently May

It's only day two of May and I already feel the end of school year craziness. 

Here are just three reasons:

ONE. We had a PLC meeting Tuesday and the topic was creating our classroom management plans for next year. NEXT YEAR?!? Let's just say a few teachers were super pissed and walked out of the meeting. Honestly I am more annoyed we are still having weekly PLC's since last year by April we were done, but whatever.

TWO. We had a PBS planning meeting today that truly accomplished nothing and definitely ruffled a few people's feathers. I was too tired to care one way or another, although as a representative I refrained from sharing that.  Secretly I just wanted to shout, 'our teachers already don't enforce the existing rules what makes you think they will enforce additional ones' but that isn't positive and the first word in PBS is get my drift.

THREE. This week we made over 500 schedule changes. Why you might ask?!? 
Our eighth graders MUST pass the state assessment in math and reading, shocking I know. 
And there are makeups in 11 days. 
So for the next 11 days they are receiving extra math or reading classes depending on what they failed. 
Thus meaning massive temporary schedule changes. 
And tons of confusion for elective teachers that had no information regarding these plans. 
I am all for supporting our 8th graders getting out of the school passing but sometimes I wish elective teachers weren't treated like second class citizens.

While I brace myself for the next 29 days of end of year fun trials and tests of my patience I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently.

St. Louis Blues are in the playoffs so Mr. B is obsessed consumed. I am trying to not be my normal St. Louis  sports team curse so I am wearing a St. Louis Cardinal Tee...that's how curses work right?

Only 24 days left of school. Enough said. Oh and tomorrows...Friday, Friday!!!

On Monday I start my final project in Web Design: partners have to create an interactive website for a company that they create from scratch. It's one of my favorite Web Design projects it involves SO much creativity. While normally I am obsessed with micro managing my class and choosing partners and seats, I am kind of burnt out. So I MIGHT let them just choose for themselves. This dictates how the last four weeks of school goes in these classes so it is important but I also feel like it might be a nice reward to choose their own partners. Honestly, no one probably dwells on seating charts as much as I do.

To write my last round of lesson plans and be DONE! I keep seeing all these things in my classroom that could use a good cleaning and organizing but these silly lesson plans keep getting in my way. (4 weeks left + 3 preps = 12 lessons left!) And I don't want to spend all of my summer cleaning...ain't nobody got time for that.

Every month on the 1st I do my finances and every month I kick myself silently berate myself for not being more fiscally responsible. So for the month of May no shopping!  Insert working out and completing a 30 miles in 30 days challenge. Oh and probably plenty of wine drinking to fill the in between time. 
A girl needs at least one vice!

Summer Bucket List:
In August my Mom, sister and myself are going to New York for a few days. I am uber excited about this vacation. It is mostly for my mom to get an additional fitness certification but it is timed right around her 50th birthday so whats better than tons of time with me as a present.  
So any suggestions for hotels, restaurants or places to see would be much appreciated!!!

I can not wait to change my pasty white legs to a beautiful bronze color. I am sure Mr. B and anyone who has seen me in shorts would love this too! I will be jumping at the chance for boating, floating, laying out, hiking, swimming and anything near the water. This also includes drinking on patios near the lake.

Relax. For some people this is easier than others. Relaxing is not easy for me. Last summer I spent nearly everyday cleaning, organizing, planning my classroom for next year or just being ridiculously crazy. I am like an ADD 5 year old who can't sit down for more than five minutes at a time. So this summer I want to work on relaxing and slowing down a bit more.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Woo hoo! Love me some Texas blogs : )
    I definitely put getting a tan on my bucket list too. We sure haven't had much of a "spring" down here! 24 days for us too!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. Totally excited I found you through the linky! LOVE your backdrop for your blog! I hate when lesson plans get in the way of all that other stuff that distracts you too! Your web design projects sound awesome! I'm your newest follower!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. love your blog... I'm really close to Austin!!! NY sounds like so much fun as well!
    Can't wait to keep reading about your adventures!

    Hodges Herald

  4. I just found your blog through currently. I have 31 more days of school...looking forward to summer. The end of the year will be bittersweet - love the kids, but it will be back to job hunting !