Own It

I don't run!

True story when I was kid my mom told me that I should never run in public. This started a complex.

Two years ago when I got back into working out I thought 'hey I should totally start running'.

And this was an epic failure.

In truth me quitting running had little to do in fact with my self consciousness and more to do with the fact that after running one mile I could barely walk for the next week.

My knees hate it. My ankle swells. And don't even get me started on the knots in my calf.

People try to give me advice about how to run, that I should keep at it and my favorite 'oh you should stretch.' I danced for ever, the only thing I am confident in my gym routine is stretching.

So I don't run and I completely own it.

This doesn't mean I don't work out though, I just had to find an alternate solution.

The stair master became the answer to all of my problems. I feel like a get an amazing cardio workout and I can actually walk out of the gym rather than crawl out.

I probably still look like this:

But who else can say that they climb 130+ flights of stairs and don't look like a huffing puffing mess.

This is my second month of completing the 30 miles in 30 days challenge and while I might not be running to get my miles I am still getting trying to rack them in. 

Here are my June results so far, not great but I still have the second half of the month to get a better summer routine going:

June 2 - Stair master at 1.46 miles (70 flights of stairs). Plus weight training.
June 4 - Stair master at 1.19 miles (57 flights of stairs) and elliptical 1.39 miles.
June 6 - Wii workout for 1 hour.
June 7 - Stair master for 2.73 miles (133 flights of stairs)
June 8 - Wii workout for 21 minutes and ab routine.
June 11 - Stair master at 1.93 miles (93 flights of stairs)
June 12 - Stair master at 2.08 miles (100 flights of stairs)
June 14 - Stair master at 1.71 miles and elliptical at 1.39 miles.

This brings my grand total to 13.87 miles for June and only one weight training day.

And now for some of MY workout necessities, because I own this little space of the internet and what I say goes.

A little motivation to remind me to get my booty in the gym.



Next up I always need a little energy to get my booty moving.

We are addicted to Spark in my house! If my order doesn't come quick enough, we are lost, its almost as sad as being out of Fireball!

My mom has been an Advocare distributor for 15+ years and I love their products! Plus watermelon spark is just straight up yummy!!!

Cute workout clothes always make that gym routine a little easier to stomach.

On my wish list are new pair of gym shoes. Any suggestions that won't break my bank?


And no workout is complete without a few good tunes. 

I HEART the new Fast and Furious soundtrack so here are a few of my favorites for #backazzup Friday! Plus with bodies like this how can you not want to get your azz in the gym.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I admire you for doing the StairMaster!!! I refer to that as the death trap in my gym! Haha
    Short and Sassy Teacher