Awkward, Awesome and Apologies

Well, Hello there July, my goodness where did June go!
Summer please slow down a bit, OKAY? Thanks!

Our little weekend getaway to Fredricksburg was both 
awkward, awesome and well...I need to offer apologies to my liver.

Let's start with the AWKWARD.

Friday we drove up to Fredricksburg and checked into the B and B company to get our keys and a map of where to go. Two years ago Erica and I used Absolute Charm and were blown away by how awesome the place was we stayed. 
This time not so much.
To be fair it wasn't Absolute Charm's fault, I just felt there description left out a pretty important detail. 

Blackjack Ridge - Starstruck Cottage Bed and Breakfast

The place looked nice, clean and simple. 
It was on the cheaper side so we just went with it thinking we wouldn't really need to be there much.

Here is where things got awkward:

Blackjack Ridge - Starstruck Cottage Bed and Breakfast

See that big gaping hole, that is where a door belongs. 
Most of the civilized world prefers not to shower in front of people.
Maybe I am going too far as to say that ALL of the civilized world prefers a door when using the toilet.
You just read that right folks, we were now spending 48 hours in a room with no door between the toilet and your bed. WTF?!?
Romantic getaway AWKWARD getaway!

Things only got better when we realized there was no shower. 

Blackjack Ridge - Starstruck Cottage Bed and Breakfast

How in the bloody hell was I going to wash my hair in a tub.
Tubs are for private time with wine and good books. Not getting clean. 
Sigh, somehow we survived both of these things but I am not going to lie I have scars.

Now to scrub your brain of all those mental images, on to the AMAZING:

Sometimes when we travel we try to pack our trip full of awesome places to see but for this trip we just kind of went with the flow, which was a lovely change of pace.

We window shopped, shopping with Mr. B makes it hard for me to purchase things.

Keys to southern shopping: boots, hats and guns.

We ate amazing food, I always feel odd taking pictures of food in restaurants so I have none...BUT if you ever go to Fredricksburg I have some really good recommendations.

We broke Mr. B's rule of three pictures a day, yes that is an actual rule.

We went to the museum, Mr. B's thing not mine.

We were I was just plain silly!

Now onto my apologies!

Dear Liver, I apologize for this:


And I apologize for this:

I am not sorry I visited the Perdernales Brewery, ever have a chance stop by you should totally jump on it. The President of the brewery hung out with us for two straight hours and he was probably the nicest guy I have met in a really long time. Can't wait to try some of the beershake recipes he suggested. 
Sorry liver.

Perhaps I should be sorry that I followed a brewery tour up with a winery, but I am not.

I do apologize for  not visiting more wineries but you made your anger known Sunday so it is best we take a little break from the booze...very very little.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. First off runs this place. People that dont want privacy in the bathroom. Um sorta rude I think. I definitely dont want to go to a motel of such and the door is gone. Heck I would've asked why isnt there a door to the bathroom. I like to pee in private. LOL

    wine tasting that's something I've never done before.

    I didnt do much of anything.

  2. No bathroom door, what the hell? I don't even like seeing my husband pee in the bathroom lol. Brewery tour followed by a winery? Sounds like my kind of weekend.