Dirty Little Secret

I am going to let you in on a secret, I treat blogging like my 'dirty little secret'. 

Besides Mr. B and my sister no one really knows I have a blog. 
How much time I spend blogging. That I have blogging friends. Etc.

Until today. 

Today was one of those days that started with drinking mimosas at brunch at 11, followed by beers at a bar, followed by shots for happy hour. It was delightful. But all of that liquid goodness caused me to babble a bit.

I know shocking right?!?

Anyways it slipped that I blog. This was followed up by asking how to find me. I tried to change the subject, back track, drink but really it was too late the deed was done.

Perhaps I am being a little bit dramatic, I did mention mimosas right?

But there has been something really nice about keeping blogging my little 'dirty secret'.

Now I feel pressure. 
Pressure to be funny, which I don't think I am. 
Pressure to sound smart or witty, which I rarely do.
Pressure to have Mr. B start doing grammar checks, which I won't. 
Pressure to make this blog worth reading to non-bloggers, as if there is a difference.

For some reason I found it incredible easy to get on here rant/babble or just post stupid gifs and hope that someone out there found me entertaining. And if no one did it didn't bother me. This is a snapshot of my life at this moment and to me its worth chronicling.

But now I have been staring at this blank screen just feeling pressure for the last two hours. 
Or perhaps that's the side effects to today's drinking fun.

Like I said I am being dramatic and I have like a five second turn around most of the time, so by Monday I am sure I will be back to my regular babbling self and forgotten all about the 'pressure.'

So I leave you with a few random pictures of my week.

1. On Wednesday Mr. B and I went to Austin Land and Cattle for happy hour. 
Of course after boozy drinks the smart choice is taking pictures while driving.

2. ALC had the most amazing fish and chips I have ever had! 
And it was on the happy hour menu so it was six bucks.

3. Not sure what it is but there is something about drinking martini's that makes me feel like a grown up. 
Odd I know.

4. Red's Porch has a wall covered in old board games. 
We might have spent four or five hours there today. 
I found one called Seduction, filled with graphics of naked woman and the word quickie. 
Definitely not a game for kids.

5. Mimosas, duh!

Does anyone else out there keep their blog their 'dirty little secret'?

- The Babbling Box!

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