Keep Your Head Up

What type of blogger are you?

I had this questioned posed to me a few weeks ago when I tragically let it slip to my real life friends that I blog.

And I have absolutely no answer to that question, well besides a babbler.

Shortly before or after this, I am horrible with keeping up with emails, I was invited to participate in a teacher link up. With rules. Honestly I have never been one to follow that many rules in life but when I started reading through them it was specified that you must be a purely education blog. 

Honestly my first thought was why. 
My second thought was did this person even read my blog. 
My third thought was not worth the trouble.

In truth I am a blogger with out a niche and don't plan on changing my ways or maintaining two blogs to separate my work and personal life.

But before you X out this page and delete me as your friend I am not knocking you if can manage two separate blogs or only blog about one topic. I actually really respect people who have the time for that or can focus on one topic.

I feel like my blogging time has already been cut in half and all I am doing this week is cleaning my classroom heaven forbid what happens when school starts. And my brain couldn't focus on one thing if I was pumped full of riddlin.

one. Other bloggers. Whether it be their posts, comments or link ups generally if I read a few blogs I am reminded of a billion and one things I have yet to babble about on this little ole blog.

two. TV and movies. I have an addiction and I am not afraid to admit it. I actually probably haven't scratched the surface of the amount I could babble about TV and movies...coming soon.

three. Social media. Pinterest, twitter, Instagram and facebook all provide me a plethora of inspiration when it comes to topics I could babble about. Whether it be a pretty new craft or recipe or bitching about the idiots who keep me posted every time they stop for a restroom break on facebook.

four. My family. All families are crazy but mine is my own special kind of crazy. My sister was married for three years before any one knew, mind blown yet, I have so much I haven't even begun to babble about.

five. My city: Austin. I live in an amazing city with the opportunity to do so many different activities, blogging certainly makes me say yes to more fun activities. Except tonight when I said no to Blues on the Green to come home and blog, to be fair it is like 100 degrees outside.

six. Booze. Enough said.

seven. Mr. B. I haven't spent too much time talking about our history or our unique antics yet but I certainly plan to babble about how we's not your average fairy tale.

eight. My friends. I have so many amazing college stories that I should probably write down for fear of forgetting them. One night a very nice man dropped over 500 bucks on drinks for myself and two roommates. Then wanted to rent a limo rather than get a cab to take us home. I am always a little hesitant to post pictures from those crazy nights, but I might be a little braver sometime...soonish.

ACL the year it rained the whole time and was just one big mud pit.

nine. My classroom/kids/teacher skills. My kids are a riot. A riot that gives me a headache but their mine and I love them. And sometimes I even have a fun unique lesson idea. I try to balance all my talk of drinking and such with a little wisdom from the classroom. 
It's all about balance.

ten. Music. I love music. Pandora is basically my other lover. I have it playing on my phone at the gym, in my classroom, in the shower, when I am cleaning the house, blogging, etc. I can connect so many songs to moments in my life.

I am also a crazy person that spent nearly an hour trying to find a song I heard on pandora yesterday sung by a Ben. But I succeeded and I leave you with one of my new favorite songs. 
Perhaps first day of school song...

Linking up with Helene, Sarah and Shanna.

- The Babbling Box!


  1. Yay! Well, you're from Austin so you win already. Great post.

  2. Music and my friends are huge inspirations for me!!

  3. Great post! I did this link up was my 1st one.
    I like the sounds of that story about your sister being married without you all knowing it... Lol. Feeding baby in a quiet room but will return to listen to that song!

  4. I am totally with you on separating blogs and finding it too hard to do. A friend recently asked me to start a book blog where I review the books I read for fun and I just had to say I don't have time! I already have the classroom blog and a blog for my students and parents. I couldn't imagine doing another and being able to update enough to keep my followers interested. HA!

    Ps. I love the song you put up! I've never heard it before. It's love!


  5. I really think your city makes a HUGE difference for blogging! I haven't been to Austin, but I hear it is just so fabulous... I need to visit!!

  6. Please for the love of all NOT stop posting about your life. You have the very best sense of humor. I really wish I was half as crafty with words as you are!
    AlisonRockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  7. I don't have a niche for my blog either. People are like "what do you blog about?", umm, whatever? haha. I blog because I want to, but I'm not an expert at anything enough to have a niche.

    Do you get weird stares when you let it slip you have a blog? Aside from my mom, everyone looks at me like I instantly grew a third eye in my forehead.