Rain Is A Good Thing

Down here in Texas there isn't a single person that would disagree with the statement: 
rain is a good thing.

I love the rain. 
To me there is nothing greater than snuggling up on the couch with a good movie, bowl of popcorn and listening to raindrops hit the roof. Or grabbing a glass of wine and sipping outside on the patio during a downpour. And what girl doesn't dream of making out in the rain, 
stupid Hollywood.


I don't enjoy when rain interrupts my plans.
I don't enjoy driving in the rain.
And I certainly don't enjoy when it rains on my vacations.

I have a horrible curse when it comes to rain. 
Plan a trip, its going to rain.
Plan a boating outing its going to rain.
Pretty much if I have an event planned, its sure to rain.

And this week my 'vacation' to Houston proved to follow the curse. It rained every single day. I even brought some of the rain back to Austin because it rained the whole entire drive back to Austin. Austinites can thank me!

Regardless of the rain I still enjoyed my trip but it did put a few kinks in some of my plans.

Here are the highs and lows of my rainy week:

ONE. My sister came to 'visit' me at the hotel so of course we found the nearest Mexican food restaurant for queso and margaritas. Then of course picked up some wine and headed back to the hotel room. We tried to take advantage of the pool in between the downpours. Nothing screams class like drinking box wine out of paper Starbucks mugs.

TWO. Staying in a mall required a little bit of shopping. The Charming Charlie in the Galleria is double the size of any I have ever been to so I easily spent over an hour there. And I did pretty well for under twenty bucks. I also stopped by Victoria Secret and blew through my gift cards and then some. Shhh...don't tell Mr. B.

THREE. I was able to have dinner with a really great friend from college. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding nearly six years ago, sounds like forever. Unfortunately I don't see her nearly enough and I really plan to work on that. Either way I snapped one picture before I left the hotel room of my outfit and then met her for dinner where we closed down the restaurant. I am pretty sure there was not a moment of silence in five hours, so there was no time to take pictures. It was so wonderful to reconnect.

FOUR. My 25 year old brother is a firefighter, you can go ahead and swoon most girls do. I have always wanted to visit him at a station, but my brother was never on board with this plan. Actually he pretty much laid down the law that it wouldn't happen. So this week he was working at both of his stations so we wouldn't have been able to visit unless I went to the station. I was over the moon about going to a firehouse with firefighters, I can promise I spent an extra few minutes getting ready that morning.

But the rain apparently brought all the crazies in Houston out because he got called out on call after call for the entire day. And I waited around in my car for like an hour in the parking lot before I gave up on seeing him. I probably looked like a stalker. 

FIVE. My dad and I were supposed to have dinner on my last day before I drove home and I was super excited to FINALLY give him his birthday present only four months late. But my dad is still over protective and didn't want me driving in the rain in the dark so he canceled on dinner so I could head back to Austin safely. Drivers all around were thanking him I am sure.

And because its Friday I decided to leave you with this beauty:


  1. I always like a Texas girl. But yes it has been raining too much in Texas. LOVIN the jam!

  2. I saw your link on Whitney's blog! I'm always looking for new peeps to follow!
    1. I LOVE sister visits. I have one and she lives on the other side of Canada.. It doesn't matter if it's raining, or what we do.. we always have a great time! I love sister time:)
    2. Lingerie shopping is so tough for me. But for some reason I always end up with gift cards too.. and love spending them. I'm cheap.. and love to spend money, already spent!
    3. Much like sister visits.. I love an old pal visit as well. I had three girlfriends visit me this summer and I had such a nice time catching up. I just had a baby, so I didn't really get a chance to let loose. But it was fun just seeing them and reminiscing about old times!
    4. OoOoOo.. my hubby is a firefighter as well. Paid on call firefighter. I have to say, his department isn't what you'd think it would be. Most of the guys are old, and fat.. lol. But my hubby's pretty cute, so he fulfills that firefight fantasy for me;) Oh and you probably weren't the first lady to sit in her car watching the fire hall. heehee
    5. I remember when I still lived at home my mom told me I couldn't borrow her car because it was raining. I never understood that one.
    Great post! I'll be back. (LOL.. did I sound a wee bit like the Terminator there??)

  3. I love your positive attitude about a vacation rained out! And I LOVE CHARMING CHARLIES! I thought that was a Cali~only store!? Well, I'm glad you got home safely and those are some pretty neat views of the clouds over the city. Maybe next time you go out of town there won't be any rain?

  4. Your posts are by far the best of any that I follow! ALWAYS a great read!