Expectation Let Downs

This post was originally supposed to be titled The Week We Spent In Corpus, and I had expectations of filling the post with pictures of beaches, cocktails and fun with Mr. B. And then we arrived in Corpus and well it wasn't exactly the beach vacation of our dreams, or even mediocre expectations.

I had the opportunity to come to Corpus for a week long teacher conference and we decided to turn it into a little mini-vacation for the two of us. I had never been here, being a closer to Galveston growing up, and had little expectations of the Gulf Coast town but was hoping for a week of relaxation and fun. We had a hotel room on the bay and while Mr. B would have to find small ways to amuse himself while I was in the conference, I figured we would still be able to explore and enjoy Corpus.

But so far there has been little, really little, to enjoy. I hate being that pessimistic and I had hoped that by just ignoring our surroundings we could make our own fun but it just hasn't been happening.

The Downs of the Trip:

1. The beach is gross.
2. The wifi in the hotel is $10 a day per computer and hardly stays connected.
3. The weather is only humid, making being outside miserable.
4. The highlight of Corpus is the USS Lexington, actually super cool pictures to follow, followed by a two story Whataburger.
5. There is no real bars to hang out at or be around people are own age.
6. The people here are really really special.

Hopefully our trip will turn around as we still have two more days here and after spending this much time in a 300 square foot hotel room Mr. B and I don't kill each other.

A bonus is that the sun has literally not come out in two days and doesn't look likely to the entire trip.

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