Pinning Is Just A Version of Hoarding

My sister and I were having a conversation venting yesterday about how frustrating pinterest can be when the projects fail. Yes we are blaming the pinterest: not ourselves or even the person who actually originally posted the idea, but pinterest.

Before I go further, let me reiterate that I like love HEART pinterest and so does my sister, we spend entirely too much a normal amount of time of their each day. Although I do have to admit that pinterest is sort of like hoarding, in an electronic format, then I saw this ecard that I had to include.

I will have to say that I am a selective repinner. I do not repin every pin I sort of like, I spend the time to open the link up and evaluate if it would work in my life then either repin, bookmark privately or close out of it. Yes, I do spend that much time on pinterest, no need to judge me too much. My hope is that I am being realistic about the projects I choose to take on. I am not actually Martha Stewart or Super Woman, so once school starts I won't have the time to make elaborate dinners or use toilet paper rolls to make art (sorry I just find that super gross but to each their own).

Even with my pinterest "rules" I still manage to botch a project or recipe. Um, dried strawberries worse waste of time, energy and money. No one should keep the oven on for 5 hours in the summer time just for strawberries.  Painting clear vases, yea that failed project is now in the bottom of my craft closet. Anything related to painting my nails artistically, should just be banned from my viewing.

But lately I have been hitting a home run with pinterest.

Crayola melting art for my brother's 6th birthday present, so much fun! Someone should probably tell you that the wax splatters A LOT! And maybe even include how to get dried wax out of carpet/base boards, we won't mention this to Mr. B just yet.

Jalapeno and Lime Marinated Kale Tostadas were absolutely wonderful and super easy, my kind of recipe. I added ground turkey to ours for the extra protein and they were finished in two days. And I am already defrosting more ground turkey for this week.

A PVC pipe in the bathroom to hold a blow dryer and straightener, an absolutely genius pin, I wish I recall where I first saw this but it has made me super happy. And it only cost like $5.00.

Pinterest has also been an amazing time sucker meca of ideas for my classroom for next year. The one I am most excited about is including music as a transition at the beginning and end of the period. Obviously this could work in any grade level, but having music be a reminder of its time to clean up or when the song is over you should be already seated and logged in, is something I hope will reinforce my classroom procedures and make them a bit more fun.

T-Minus 6 days until I leave for Orlando, which gives me 5 days of getting my classroom completely somewhat set up. Its going to be a long hot week!

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