So We Fled...

We have returned from Corpus Christi, or in other words we fled the city and most likely we would need to be paid large sums of money to ever go south of San Antonio again.

WOW! That sounds really negative, and following my last post I feel like I am coming off a little pessimistic. Mr. B and I have had some really amazing vacations together and some not so amazing (both being extremely sick as soon as we landed in St. Louis or driving to and from St. Louis in a four day weekend full of tornado's). But I don't think anything could of prepared us for Corpus.

I think from the moment we arrived I had an unsettling feeling and if I would of gone with my gut (and Mr. B's pleadings) we would of left that Tuesday. But I am stubborn, shocker. And I wanted to stick the conference out, but by Thursday we had had enough. Mr. B packed up my car and we fled (me driving anything close to 90 miles per hour is definitely considered fleeing).

I mostly feel guilty, Mr. B rarely gets a week off and I feel like I treated him to the Money Pit of vacations. And so you don't feel like I am exaggerating: he got so bored he counted the number of stripes in the hotel room wallpaper.

We did have a few moments of enjoyment; we explored the USS Lexington in the hot humidity, spent 30 minutes of the only sunshine all week at a beach and spent a whole lot of time watching ESPN and some show like Ice Road Truckers. Jealous yet. 

We are now back among the land of the living and getting back to life. Mr. B had his last shift at the Hula Hut last night, insert celebratory applause. And I was able to spend a relaxing day boating and floating today on the Lake.

This week I hope to get back in my classroom and start organizing and decorating; my stalking of teacher blogs grew exponentially with all the down time in Corpus, so hopefully I will have good pictures of my classroom to share soon.

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