Wash, Fold and Repeat

One of my goals of summer is to reorganize/decorate some of our house. So much of it was put on the back burner in an attempt to just survive my first year of teaching.

I hated our laundry room, it basically had become Mr. B's changing room. While I shouldn't complain, he did give me 3/4th's of the closet but still I shuddered when I went in there for anything. Mr. B put up a good argument for me to not actually decorate the laundry room, that would be just silly (though my addiction to pinterest told me otherwise). I am learning this whole concept of compromise so I couldn't resist giving it a more functional feeling and decided to be lean on any decorations. A place where I know where everything is at: wash, fold and iron clothes and close the door til the next weekend.

I will post pictures of our before laundry room, it is really just a mess (don't judge).

And here is the after! Ta Da!

I was able to reuse extra baskets we already had and put labels on all of them with Velcro and added a old curtain rod in order to have a place to dry clothes. A totally free project.

I had painted flags for Mr. B a long time ago and they were just sitting in a closet so I couldn't resist giving the room a bit of color. I also added two shelf's from Home Depot and hooks underneath for all of Mr. B's things that he brings to and from work everyday. I added a small shoe rack as well and solved another issue in the house, the pile of shoes at the garage door that I was constantly giving the evil eye.

Of course, Mr. B came home and didn't really get the transformation, but I now feel like we have an organized and efficient laundry room, and cost wise it was an under $20.00 transformation so it was a win for both of us.

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