My Person!

I have my keys! Today I was able to get my keys back to my classroom and dug right in though my classroom looks worse than when I started so pictures are on hold. Considering I had to physically kick myself out of my classroom, yes I am that invested/excited for school to start, I decided to take a break from classroom talk and do something better: a photo montage!

 On Saturday at this time I will be landing in Orlando for an end of summer vacation with my bestie/person, Erica. I could go on and on, hence the babbling title, about how much I like HEART LOVE her but I thought a photo montage would be better. For anyone who watches Grey's Anatomy they will understand that this quote says it all:
This time last year we went away for the weekend to Fredricksburg and had a wine filled a very responsible time getting to know the locals and scenery. It's shaping up to seem like these end of summer trips might become a tradition that I would whole heartedly start budgeting for, or give it a very good try perhaps after back to school shopping.

 I can not wait until I get there and we already have Sunday planned: playing on the beach! Be Jealous! Followed by two more full days of playing!

 I have not seen Erica since December so we will have tons to catch up on, I already feel bad slightly bad for her boyfriend who I imagine will get sick of our antics.

 That leaves me the next four days to get my classroom in order and pack my ONE suitcase, I should probably get up extra early tomorrow. We shall see...

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