The Week It Rained

Mr. B's brother came to town this week and it rained. Everyday he was here, even on his drive from Dallas, I swear he brought it with him. Of course we need the rain but it still put a damper on some plans. I believe that Mr. B and his brother are genetically scared of camera's, I never could get a picture together and rarely was able to even capture Mr. B.

It's been a fun couple of days, though I think my body might need a break from the rough week of eating out, staying up late and drinking a tad too much. It's back to gym time and smooties tomorrow.

We played darts with Luedde, I lost both times, which seems to be the standard as of late for any bar games.

We went on a boat party, which was cut short due to the massive storm coming in, I tried to get pictures of the incoming storm as it was a great view out on the water though a photographer I am not. I was able to capture lightening in one of the pictures, a proud moment for me. In reviewing the pictures I realize I took very little of people and more of scenery, but to be fair I knew hardly no one on the boat.

We went to Red's and watched the All Star Game for Mr. B's brothers birthday, another night cut short due to the massive storm coming in, my pictures were less than stellar. Last night we watched Ted, much funnier than I imagined and stayed up late drinking and talking.

Hopefully he enjoyed himself, I always worry people will either be completely bored or annoyed when staying with us, I over analyze too much. (Shocker!)

Right now I need to start making lists and getting things packed for our trip to Corpus on Sunday, but I have become slightly obsessed with this website it allows you to edit pictures way better than instagram and create collages. Note, the cool effects and collages above. I found the link on a fellow teacher's blog during my very productive morning of classroom research. And by research I mean hours spent on pinterest and teacher blogs, I feel like a bit of stalker, but I have some great ideas for decorating my classroom.

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