It's All About July

After a vacation I always need a recovery day.

So yesterday I might of...
slept past 11;
eaten pickles and cheese and crackers and called it lunch;
went to Target twice because I couldn't follow my list;
played 15+ games of Candy Crush;
watched The Bachelorette, drinking wine and twittering away random judgement;
and been asleep by 12:00.

Don't worry, I expect a lot of this:

So today is my 'July 1st' time to set some goals and get this month to stop moving so darn fast.

I am a to do list addict by nature so linking up with I {Heart} Recess each month has been a fun way to break my goals down throughout the month and not overwhelm myself. 

I {Heart} Recess

June Review:  Last month's goals can be found, here
I just need to remember...the only person who stresses me out is...well me!  Mr. B and I have definitely been getting out of our everyday routine with little trips and fun activities, which I HEART. I only wish we could keep it up more during the school year. I didn't meet all of my health goals but I am on the right track and at least have a routine going. Besides curriculum writing, which I was paid to do, I did not work on a single school thing once school let out, boy was that nice. My blog is updated! Hooray!!! TPT not so much. And I am even sadder to admit I haven't read a single book this summer...suggestions please?!?

Now onto July!

Personal:  Room by room I have been cleaning out the house and stacking bags in the office. If I don't finish before school starts back it will stay like that until next summer, which is probably some sort of fire hazard.

Family: Sometimes my family can be exhausting, there I said it! I am going to Houston for four days for a conference and it will be the only time I am down this summer so I must make time to see everyone, it just can be...difficult.

Health:  Of course I am sticking to my 30 miles in 30 days challenge, but hoping for closer to 40. 
I also am going to try and start going more Paleo with my diet...but I am keeping cheese. I love it. Sue me.
I have been adding a Tone It Up youtube video at the end of each of my workout routines lately and I think if I added one everyday I would see better results.
I want to be able to do non girly push ups and not look like a wimp.

Side note: In my classroom if you curse you owe me 10 push ups or 30 minutes after school and boy did that work this year. BUT the girls were awful at doing 'girl' push fake trying. I want to make everyone do real push ups if that is what they choose, but I also need to be able to do them.

School:  I have not thought about the classroom since summer began, so the last week in July I want to get in there and make a to do list and get everything mostly ready to go. I will be in New York the first week/second week in August then we go back the 19th so July is my sweet spot.

Blog/TPT: I want to finialize my blog design, I realize it still says trial in the header but that means I have to pay for the software and I am reluctant to spend the money. TPT really needs to be a big focus this month as I try and start sharing more, I need the dollars!

Outside of the Box:  I am the Box!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I love your goals! And I'm NOT judging you (love the reference to "New Girl"), we deserve some relax summer days!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oops, forgot to mention...I'm a new follower, too!