Don't Come Crying To Me

I am going to let you in on a little I watch Pretty Little Liars...kind of ironic.

Crying people make me uncomfortable. Well actually emotional people in general make me uncomfortable. 

And before you go all...your a girl shouldn't you love having a good cry or isn't it in your DNA to be able to handle crying.

Here is how I normally deal with crying or emotional situations:

I once asked a boy in my classroom 'are you crying?' and I probably had this look on my face. I have learned now to keep my face very blank if someone is crying and just allow them to use my hallway to collect themselves when they need it. I have never seen so many teenage boys cry in my lifetime...shudder.

Laughing is generally not an unacceptable action but a response I usually use. I actually have a really horrible track record of laughing at funerals or other events that it is generally not acceptable to cry at. 
I am super sweet like that.

My version of comforting a person crying...petting them or patting their back. 
My go to comforting words are 'don't cry' and 'its going to be alright.' I am sure that will pep a person right up, right?!?

Once we have gotten past my reaction to a person crying and my attempts at soothing them my go to response is offering them alcohol. 
Alcohol heals all wounds right?!?

I generally also pour myself a hefty glass of something strong.
I would never let a crying person drink alone...
laugh at them maybe but drinking alone is just sinful.

My final solution to handling crying situations is to hit fast forward. I have probably missed a lot of key moments in movies and television shows because I fast forwarded past all the crying scenes.

And let me tell you something last night during The Bachelorette I was hitting fast forward for the last 30 minutes. 

And since they are dragging this out to a two part crying fest I imagine I will be doing a lot of fast forwarding during next Monday's finale.

And before you go judging me and my black heart, I promise I am not as cold as I sound. I can actually be a really sweet and understanding person especially towards my friends


Just don't come crying to me.

- The Babbling Box!  


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I used to be a cry baby...a lot. I think my tear ducts are dry or my hormones shriveled up because I haven't had a good cry fest in a really long time.
    I haven't watched any of the Bachelorette. I actually liked the chick during the Bachelor. Is it worth watching On Demand? I have to catch up from last week's PLL and RHONJ. I'm always up for a good fight on T.V. and Real Housewives of New Jersey never fails to disappoint! Oh...and what's this Vineyard thing I saw advertised? Did you watch that?
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Too funny. I don't judge because I am awful with feelings.. I just wrote a post about watching tv shows and as soon as people start whining about not getting enough hugs as a kid to gain sympathy from the viewers, I fast forward that shit. When iget upset over something, I always push hugs away, until later.. IF I'm ready.
    Crying is always uncomfortable.. I just realixed that itit's been forever since someone has come crying to me. Lucky me, eh!?

  3. Ok, I admit it. When I'm at school and I get frustrated, I go into my classroom, lock the door and cry. OUT OF ANGER, that I can't cuss ignorant people out. I tell myself that I am a professional! I think this stems from that it is unprofessional to use the f word that rhymes with truck at school, which happens to be my favorite. Like, why the F can't this child have an IEP, he's been on child study for four years and he has a doctor's diagnosis! Errrgh!

    But I have a similar response when adults cry to me. At some point, I want to say, put your big girl panties on and deal with it!