Last Weekend In July...

How did that just happen? 
Next weekend is August!

Which basically means summer is over.

And I am one big box of anxiety over things that are unaccomplished, summer wishes left unfulfilled and basically driving myself insanely crazy over all of my coulda, woulda, shoulda imagineray things I still need to do in both my personal life and in my classroom...
by like Thursday.

If my brain could be a single image perhaps it would be this:

Or this:

Too scary for words?!?

So while I try to make all the voices in my head a little quieter I am leaving you with a picture dump from this weekend. 

Yes I just openly admitted I have voices in my head, too tired and unsettled to hide the crazy today.

one. Friday night Mr. B and I went out to see an old friend at the Iron Cactus then paid five bucks to see a rap show. The openers were a guy and a girl from Dallas who wore a top hat and fairy wings...but rapped. Memorable.
two. We I never to remember to take pictures until we are a few drinks in and in dark places.
three. Zeale, the whole reason we went out. He opened for Imagine Dragons and AWOLNATION a few months back and was incredible. And from Austin. And his freestyle skills are mind blowing. Like the crowd will give him five words and he just goes to town. So for five dollars we definitely enjoyed the show.
four. TWO FIREBALLS for me! 
Told you I was enjoying myself.

five. Saturday I recovered with a work out and trip to Target. In love with this Elf box set for only five bucks. Running theme of the weekend perhaps.
six. Mr. B and I went back out Saturday night to Little Woodrow's for a friends birthday. It became a reunion of sorts and we reminisced about the old Champion's days...where we all met and worked. I had an absolutely wonderful time. And it also reminded me that I need to try harder to see my friends even though we all have different jobs and life's now.
seven. Little Woodrow's has buckets of bacon. So we ordered one, duh. Funny since the birthday girl is a vegetarian.

eight. I spent most of Sunday recovering on the hammock with the sprinkler and my kindle.
nine. Last summer I flew through the 50 shades trilogy and couldn't stop talking about it. Judge away. This summer I haven't read anything, its really hard to compete with Laters, Babe. 
Someone suggested Bared To You so I gave it a chance and hot damn is it a page turner. If you are into that sort of it, enough said.

Something I was SUPER excited was that my posters from Vistaprint arrived this weekend! 

I had three made up like the one above, one for each of my preps. I had hopes of showing you them in place in the room for my Monday made it up but alas the laminator is still hiding from me so it will have to wait.

So my Monday Made It is a little different this week, I need your advice!!!

I also had a sign made up for my word wall from Vistaprint. But I just don't know what to do about my word wall. I loved it last year but I received a new projector screen and it covers a good part of my word wall. 

My 'bulletin boards' are made from table clothes from the dollar store hot glued onto my cement walls and then duct taped to hide the edges. I added clothespins on top so I could easily change out my vocabulary words each week.

BUT changing out my 'bulletin board' is not a small task so before I add the new sign, I need your advice.

Should I leave the word wall alone and just deal with it being off centered?
Should I redo the whole thing?
Should I try and add something to the side?

In advance thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend and isn't nearly as anxious about it being nearly August as I am!

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  1. LEAVE IT has CHARACTER! Ummm...I need that basket of NOW! I flew through Sylvia Day too! Now you need to go upload The Arrangement series by H.M. Ward, Cole Novels by Vi Keeland, Real by Katy Evans(super fast & hmm...easy reads). I have a list of 300+ books(of this nature) on my Kindle waiting to be read. I can't blog & read blogs, play Candy Crush, stalk people on FB & instagram, design stuff on TpT, watch teeny bopper shows, and read all that same damn time. THERE AREN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN MY DAY...pathetic!

  2. It looks fine too me! Don't touch it.

  3. I like it the way it is! :) Don't change it!