That's Ancient!

During my teenage years my obsessions were a little different than they are now.

One that I can proudly am willing to admit is my obsession to the Babysitter Club series and all things related.  
I read every one of their books!
Even the mysteries.


And especially the super specials, because lets be completely honest the books were way to short. I could finish one book in an hour or so, the super specials at least gave me a day before I would bike back up to the library to get the next one. 
Do kids even do that now days: bike? Go to the library? Check out books? 
Is that ancient?

I even rented the movie on VHS. 
Remember a time when we rented movies or owned VHS tapes. 
That's ancient!

Stacey: You guys think I should've told him?
Kristy Thomas: What? Who?
Stacey: Luca!
Kristy Thomas: About what?
Stacey: I'm only thirteen!
Stacey: He's seventeen!
Kristy Thomas: [Shocked] That's ancient!
Claudia Kishi: He's a poet!
Stacey: He drives!
Claudia Kishi: He's a musical genius!
Stacey: He's been to Europe!
Kristy Thomas: He's FROM Europe!

Apparently 17 was ancient back then!

My first job was babysitting. 
I might not have had a club but with the babysitters club as guidance I worked to be the most famous babysitter in...well my neighborhood.
I made flyers, hung them around the neighborhood and had my mom tell all of her acquaintances.
Every Friday and Saturday night you could find me getting the money aka babysitting.
If you were ever curious where my crazy and wild side came from you now know.
We can't all be this fabulous!

Me as a sophomore in high school, thanks mom for bleaching my hair.

I started babysitting when I was 13 and let me tell you this: it was probably the best birth control EVER. With that being said after teaching 13 year old's I would NEVER let a 13 year old watch my child. But this was in ancient times, remember.

The summer after my 9th grade year a family asked me to be their full time 'nanny.' I arrived Monday - Friday at 7 am and left at about 6 pm each night. And man was I pulling in the cash, tax free and no rent, man I miss those times.

Another goody from Sophomore year.

I did this for three summers total before I went screaming to the restaurant industry. 
And once I had my drivers license I watched the kids during the school year as well. 
The little girl had more social engagements than I did at 16 years old so I basically was her taxi driver.
Taking the little boy to kindergarten each day was painful. He called me ugly A LOT!

Excuse the quality this is straight from my senior book.

I have some really special memories of driving my Lumina around the mean streets of Deer Park singing ... less than appropriate...songs with the kids. You know you are a role model when at snow cone shop the little boy breaks out "it's getting hot in here, so take all of your clothes off" while shaking his bottom pretending to take off his clothes.

Perhaps this explains my aversion to small children. 

Regardless it was a pretty sweet gig to go get paid to hang out with other peoples kids, eat their food and watch their cable well past my normal bedtime.

This trip down memory lane has been lovely, until I recall that the little girl has a two year old of her own now.

Now that makes me feel ancient! 
What was your first job? Or what has been making you feel ancient lately?


- The Babbling Box!


  1. Aww.. The Babysitter's Club!!!!! My sister, who is five and a half years older than me always read these books. So as soon as I could get my hands on them.. I sure did! I loved the books, I loved the movie. I saw it on tv the other day, and yeah- I might've watched some of it. (all of it.) I did the babysitter's course when I was 12. I aced the written 97%. ( I still remember the one question I got wrong. What do you give a child if heéshe swallows poisonÉ I said Milk. WRONG- The answer is NOTHING.) I did well at the course but I SUCKED at babysitting. I think my favourite part of babysitting was snooping through the cupboards for snacks. I think there is a rule that all households that have babysitters babysitting have to come with really good food. That was always my favourite part. The food!