Every Girls Dream

Fluffy white bed all to myself.
Bottle of red wine and chocolate.
Hotel located in a mall.
Someone to clean my bathroom and make my bed each day.
All meals paid for during vacation.
Pool with a beautiful city view.
Did I mention a hotel located in a mall!!!

I am actually in Houston this week for a work conference so I do have to do some actual work and be a little responsible. But either way I am certainly enjoying this little mini vacation.

I am not sure if I will have a ton of opportunities to post since the internet despite being paid for by the school aka free, is super slow. A bloggers nightmare.
And I am also trying to squeeze in as much family time as possible I can handle.
Oh and I have to actually attend the conference.

I leave you with a few goodies from this weekend.

My brother is pretty awesome and growing up way too fast. 
Missing two front teeth, creating his own robot costume and saving money for a toy. 
Gosh that all makes me feel old, I was 21 when he was born so there is a big age gap. Come to find out my mom tells him stories about us growing up as his bed time stories, at his request.
Love this little guy to pieces!

Finally got a hair cut.
And you are probably thinking the same thing Mr. B said, 
"hair cut, what's different?"
But she really did take off a ton of hair. 
And added a ton of layers in the front which I think help up the hair style from blah to cute.

I have an odd obsession of jumping on every hotel rooms bed. 
Mr. B is normally there to take pictures, today I had to resort to the self timer. I am a dork I know.

I of course brought a bottle of wine with me, why should tonight be any different.

I think I finally found the 'perfect' pair of shorts. 
Some where between daisy dukes and mom shorts.

My hotel pool. Can I move in please?

What did kind of shenanigans did your weekend hold?
Ever stay in a hotel in mall or am I only the one in love with this set up?

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  1. I've never stayed in a hotel in a mall...but it sounds like a fabulous idea!!!!

  2. I stayed in a hotel with a mall AND a casino...I was too young to gamble so I hit up the arcade and did lots of shopping!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. We have a mall in Orlando with a hotel in it, but I have never stayed in it.