Silly Lessons

This weekend was not one for the books, I had no social engagements and Mr. B worked all weekend. 

So what did I do: shopped, crafted, cooked and most likely babbled too much when Mr. B arrived home at 1:00 am each night exhausted.  
Pretty much looks like my about me section.

I also learned a few silly lessons this weekend.

Lesson One:  The mister told you so.
If you go buy a blow up pool even after the mister has asked you not to, a thunderstorm will roll in and it will rain. Perhaps I will return the pool and buy a dress or something to make myself feel better.

At the overpass to get back to my neighborhood.

Lesson Two:  Always buy double.
When working on a project it is always better to buy an extra bottle of spray paint rather than be the crazy person who goes to Walmart three days in a row just for spray paint. 
No Walmart I am not tagging buildings in Austin, I PROMISE!

Side note:  I needed a stool for my classroom like yesterday.
My laptop is hooked up to my projector basically at the back of the room if I sit there my back is to every student in the room, a big teacher no no. So I purchased a wireless keyboard and mouse but found myself sitting on my middle cabinets to use them. While this worked perfectly for the 28 year old girl who still loves to sit indian style it probably wasn't that professional. 

During my major organization of the house I realized in my guest room I have a stool that the TV that hasn't been turned on in two years is sitting on. So I decided to let the stupid TV sit on the floor and finally finish painting a stool I started painting eight years ago from Target.

I gave the stool another coat of white spray paint because I really did a half ass job the first time I tried to make this brown stool white with out sanding it.

Then I taped off a chevron pattern because it is what all the cool kids are doing these days. Plus it matches a painting in my classroom. And I sprayed that whole thing navy blue. Like five/six coats that wood was just sucking up the paint. I finished it off with a sealer because the moment it chips I will probably pout for at least an hour.

Presto Chango!

I now have a teacher stool. Which pretty much means I am legit right?!?

Lesson Three:  The Dollar Store will surprise you! 
Last year I purchased curtains and a few odds and ends for my classroom from the Dollar Store, the colors just happened to match my color scheme perfectly. On a whim this weekend I went shopping at the Dollar Store, hold your excitement, and I found a bunch of goodies all 1/2 off at the dollar store. Be still heart!

My secret to perfectly square bulletin boards, table clothes from the dollar store.

Lesson Four:  It is not smart to be 'thrifty' about buying steaks. 
I purchased some cheaper steaks from HEB to make a delicious dinner for Mr. B. 
Something that probably happens about once every month or two. They looked freaking delicious. BUT when Mr. B cut into his steak it looked like it was being held together by meat glue. 
I will just stop there so you don't end up gagging.

So pretty but after seeing the mister's steak I just couldn't eat the rest of the steaks.

Lesson Five:  Risotto is actually easier to make than I ever thought. 
That is if you bake it. I had seen a recipe for Risotto at A Beautiful Mess a few weeks ago and wanted to try it, even bought most of the ingredients but hadn't gotten around to it. I thought it would go perfectly with the steaks although I didn't have asparagus so I followed Martha Stewart's recipe and just added peas at the end. Thank goodness for the risotto or we wouldn't have had anything to eat for dinner that night. It was actually super simple and something to remember when school gets started and I get busy again.

Lesson Six:  Taco Bell food can be healthy. 
When you make it at home.
I found this recipe for their Mexican Pizza on pinterest and just had to try it out. 
It was delicious! 
A little guilty pleasure that I didn't feel too guilty about since I knew what all the ingredients were.

Mexican Pizza (way healthier than Taco Bell)

Lesson Seven: Buying magnetic tape in the children's craft section is not smart. 
I should of just gone to Hobby Lobby but I am lazy when I shop and like to go to one store. I ended up having to hot glue the tape on the back of my project and basically used a whole roll on a frame that weighs absolutely nothing. Definitely a waste of money.

I had seen this project on pinterest and knew I wanted to do it pronto.

Re-purpose a frame and make into a cute menu planner - with printables

On the link they actually have 6 different options for printables but I am a control freak and wanted something super specific. I always plan out my lunches during the school year so I wanted a printable that had space for lunches as well. 
So I just made my own. 

Here is the image that you can print out if you want to use mine. 

I have no clue how to upload the pdf here, but if you want it I could also just email it to you.

Find a cheap frame, slip the menu paper in.
Add some magnets on the back and stick that baby on your fridge.
Stand back and admire your hard work.
Easy as pie.

I love how easy it is to change my mind about my meal planning with an expo marker with an eraser on the end. The frame cost like two bucks from Walmart and even with the silly magnetic tape the total cost of the project was six bucks. My kind of project!

I am off to go get my classroom keys back and finally start pretending I have job.

Do anything exciting this weekend? Learn any good/silly lessons?

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  1. You crack me up about the steak. If I get one weird bite of anything, I will stop eating. I love meat, but I do NOT like to touch it...ever. So gross! The stool looks funky fab. Sitting on tables Indian-style is not professional? I'm going to get fired aren't I? Actually, my Admin would expect nothing less from me. I even go to school with my hair wet EVERY day and wear flip flops. I'm a rebel!
    I'd love your menu thing! Email me please and thank you:
    P.S. I'm disappointed about the magnetic tape. I thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your stool turned out so cute!!! You rock!

    ~Amy <--I have no idea how to make this into my signature. LOL

  3. Okay, there are just too many things I want to comment on on this post. I have to keep scrolling up to remember what I wanted to comment on..
    1. The classroom stool! Wow, you are creative and that new stool looks incredible after you were done with it. (Okay, so you are a teacher.. and read back that entire bit and try not to laugh... sounds like we're talking about your Incredible Poo! I know, I know.. grow up. But I bet you're used to the immaturity!)
    2. Your Dollar Store looks awesome! You picked up some really good goodies! We have dollar stores but they usually have $1 plus- items and they are uber cheap-o.
    3. Your taco bell dinner looks incredible! Do you have a recipe for it..!? I want to make it so bad!
    4. Your weekly menu is great! I have a note pad that I buy from Chapters. (the equivalent of your Barnes and Nobles.) But like you mentioned, it's so nice being able to erase certain meals easily.
    Anyways.. Your post excited me! I enjoy creative projects, yummy recipes and funny stories about cheap steaks!

  4. Oh I love your stool. It's perfect. I love Taco BELL. It's my guilty pleasure. I need to try out your awesome recipe.

  5. stool is awesome!!!

    I nominated you for the Liebster award!


  6. So many lessons learned. Thank you for linking up this week! I especially loved the menu's you linked up. As soon as I get another ink cartridge, I know what I am doing! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road