About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the world!

I like long walks on the beach, romantic candle light dinners and holding hands while someone reads sweet poetry to me. 

Wait wrong website.

I started this blog because I BABBLE a lot and needed someone to listen to me besides poor Mr. B. I also talk about why I started this blog here

What you WONT see on this blog: proper english, good grammer, amazing fashion posts, wild parties, animals, cigarettes, money, politics, religion, hip reviews, useful lesson plans, beautiful photography.

What's left you might be asking yourself. 

It's me there is always plenty to babble about, as seen here!

What you will see on this blog:

Lots of pictures of adult beverages. I like to drink and I am definitely not afraid to show it, talk about or deal with the repercussions the next day.

The highs and lows of being a teacher. It pretty much makes me a super hero so I will talk about it, rant about it, blow your mind and even offer a few tips and tricks. Because two years of teaching means I know all. Read why I became a teacher here.

My addiction to shopping and love of credit cards, as seen here.

Pictures. I love pictures and I am always looking for an opportunity to snap a few pictures then spend one hour editing them on instagram so people will know how cool my life is.

Sarcasm. I in no way whatsoever consider myself witty but I am sarcastic and hopefully it reads well. And if it doesn't I don't really care.

My love of all things television. 

Mr. B aka my man, I had a nickname so I thought I would share his...even though he hates it has learned to accept it. He is a ball and I am a box. We are a bit odd, as seen here. We have been together for six years and we might annoy the heck out of each other but he is stuck with me!
Oh and I love him and all.

I will not use my name on here often. It probably seems impersonal but I work for a public school and I am not afraid to share stories about my crazy students. BUT I also don't need my students, their parents or my administration reading my posts. So I go by the Box, here is why.

So join me as I drink, laugh and babble my way through adulthood with no guidebook. 

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