What is a Box?

When I decided to start this blog I knew I wanted to to be both for my personal life and professional teaching life. So few things in my life exist in both worlds, so I wanted a place that could hold everything from my latest dyi project, lesson idea or wacky student story.

Coming up with a name for my blog proved more difficult. It had to be something that described me personally but was still school appropriate in case a student or coworker every stumbled on here.

Originally I thought Box O' Giggles, until I googled it and realized it had to do with drug use. Learn something new everyday I guess.

I believe some back story might be needed here, about 5 years ago, when I was first dating Mr. B (we will call him this for now) he so lovingly dubbed me the Gigglebox. Because well frankly, I laugh at everything. And sometimes its uncontrollable. And sometimes its just a few giggles and other times its full on cackles. And more often than not no one is laughing with me, well until they hear my never ending giggles. I don't ever recall my endless giggles being a topic of discussion before this time, so I decided I must be giggling so much due to happiness. And I was happy, new friends, new man, new job, etc.

There have been many variations on the nickname over the years, but now I am just known as The Box to Mr. B. While Mr. B is constantly looking for giggles, my students are constantly telling me how odd my laughs are, so I do believe the name still fits.

And well babblings, if you have noticed I have a tendency to go on and on for a bit too long. Often about topics that few care about. And for longer amounts of time then are actually needed to tell the story. Add a glass of wine in the mix and you might never get me to shut up.

Thus "The Babblings of The Box" was born.

Giggling with Erica after a long Longhorn Football Saturday.

Giggling by myself after graduating from University of Texas.
Giggling with Allison before her sweet wedding.

The Box!

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