I Heart Working Out...No Joke!

I am VERY addicted to pinterest, and some of my favorite pins are the inspirational work out pins directed to females. Hands down this one is my favorite...

I am completely weird about working out. I have odd tendencies, which isn't really unique to working out, but still my OCD generally requires a routine for things and working out is no different. This being said, I also find some people's routines insanely odd as well. I probably judge too much, but then again I imagine that I am constantly being judged too. Seems fair, I guess.

My Oddities: 

1.  Without music there is NO workout, I will gladly just turn around and skip the gym if I find my itouch isn't charged. Sad, but true. And my music must be rap. I can probably quote every song of the Eminem Recovery album.

2.  I need ice cold water!

3.  Shot Blok's have become my favorite work companion. They are like energy in the form of candy!


4.  I despise gym clothes. I feel no need to show my assets when working out, and gym shorts on a girl that is over 5'10 are just way to short!

My new workout shorts, probably a bit too short but it is so hard to find ones that are long enough but not boy length!

5.  Think Thin bars are the ultimate pre or post workout bar. With 20 grams of protein they totally curb hunger pains.


6.  I send nasty thoughts to people who get in the way of my routine, or are using the machines that I want to use.

7.  I dislike working out with people, strangers and people I know, but I can't work out at home.

Other People's Oddities:

1.  I don't understand the people that brag about working out on facebook, seems silly or a cry for attention.

2.  People who talk on the phone at the gym, they infuriate me!

3.  Not wearing proper workout pieces: flip flops, too tight shorts, jeans, etc. What are they thinking?

4.  People who socialize at the gym, I am sweating and in a zone, chit chatting is not on my to do list at the moment.

5.  The people who come in use a piece I was using, machine or ball, for one set of reps and leave. My routine gets messed up or I have to reset the machine, for someone else's silliness. Because let's be honest one set of reps isn't doing ANYTHING.

End rant! Perhaps I will post my routine at some point, but for now the stairmaster and medicine balls remain my favorite pieces of gym equipment.

Another motivator for tomorrow's workout...

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