The Lucky One

Yesterday was the Big 27. I approached yesterday like I have most birthdays: avoidance, denial and then the panic of not having planned anything. I have a love hate relationship with birthdays, that has nothing to with getting older and everything to do with expectations.

I am always afraid of being let down so instead of actually making a plan and voicing what I want, I avoid and ignore the day. But then I get let down that nothing has actually been planned. Its a vicious cycle. I am working on improving my thought process if nothing else to avoid Mr. B actually listening and ignoring my birthday, but change is slow.

Last year's birthday was amazing. Blue on the Green with Bob Schneider, dinner with Mr. B and then a day at Hamilton Pool with Mr. B and Erica. It was relaxing and the perfect was to spend my birthday.

Hamilton Pool

This year Austin's social calendar did not fall in my favor. Zero music shows that I would want to attend, Erica in another state and ROT Rally weekend which meant any service industry friends would be working and downtown would be packed. So I had pretty much given up on celebrating my birthday on my birthday.

But Mr. B came through in a big way and made me feel so amazingly lucky and special. We had margaritas and queso (my other love) Friday night and then he presented me with presents. A gift card to Victoria Secret for a new bathing suit and a spa day complete with a manicure, pedicure and a massage.

I would of been completely content with those two presents but I woke up Saturday morning and Mr. B surprised me with Zip Lining and an ice cream cake and the fact that he had gotten the day off something I thought was definitely not going to happen.

A 30 minute drive, a boat ride, a hike up hill and a quick demo of the equipment and we were off to do 5 different zip lines.

We make helmets look sexy.

The last zip was 2000 ft long, over 20 stories high and we went about 50 mph. It was an incredible experience! One which I embraced and had no fears about, which considering both my parents first question was "did Mr. B have to push you off to ledge", says a lot for how much I have loosened up. Surprisingly the actual zipping was very relaxing and the views were breathtaking.

Trying to pose for a picture while zipping is difficult.

After zipping we took much needed showers, ordered take out Chinese food and enjoyed my ice cream cake. And ended the night at Red's drinking and visiting with friends. The weekend was beyond wonderful and reminded me just how amazingly lucky I am right now in life. Who needs expectations when you have great friends and an wonderful boyfriend to share so many adventures with. I truly am the lucky one.

The Box!

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