Trying to Remember the Moments

Welcome! This is my first attempt at blogging, my hope is that I will actually commit to keeping this blog current, but I have never been successful at keeping a journal. I have always loved the idea of journals, searched for the best looking journal and pen combination but never have been able to actually spend the time to sit down and write anything after the first entry.

In part that is one reason I am starting this blog, hopefully an electronic forum on the Internet will motivate me to spend the time to add to this blog on at least a weekly basis. Though considering I told my old roommate a year ago I was starting this blog and just sat down and gave the blog a name today, I am a bit skeptic.

The other larger reason behind starting this blog can be summarized by this quote, "We do not remember the days, we remember the moments." In the last year my life has looked like: my best friend moved across the country, I moved into storage/my boyfriends tiny one bedroom, boyfriend and I moved into our first house, I left my job at a law firm, started my first year of teaching, survived my first year of teaching, completed my alternative certification program, took three state tests and received my official teaching certificate. Whew. Just looking at that list makes me exhausted. So needless to say, I probably took about ten pictures in the last year, talked to less than ten friends and really recall less than ten moments. My hope is that this blog will encourage me to take more pictures and recall more moments as I have a place to record the comings and going of my life. And most likely way too much of the babblings of the box.  

The Box!

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