First Day of Summer

Today is my first real day of summer. I have been doing curriculum writing and tech training since school ended for some extra money, but yesterday was the last planned day of training. I will still have a few more days of working as we update my lab, but those days will be more spread out over June and July.

I spent quite a bit of time weighing the pros and cons of doing summer school or doing these sporadic days of paid training. While summer school would of paid more, I really wanted the opportunity to enjoy my first summer, so budget be damned.

My hope for summer is that I will spend some time enjoying Austin with friends, pampering myself and focusing on the house. But most importantly relaxing. I am the queen of lists, piling too much on my plate and running around rather than relaxing, so this will go against every instinct I have, but I don't want to get to August and regret not taking advantage of this precious time off.

Things I am Loving This Week:

Booking my flight to go see Erica in August, for only $7.50, thank you Southwest credit card.
Sleeping in past 6:00 a.m.
Intense workouts and not being afraid of being sore the next day and having to be on my feet for eight hours.
Pampering myself with a new hair cut and a day spent at the spa: massage, pedicure and manicure, with wine and chocolate. Awesome birthday present from Mr. B.
Drinking wine on a Thursday night, just because I am in the mood.

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