I Heart Organization!

As Carrie Bradshaw said, "I like my money where I can see it...hanging in my closet." I am a shopping addict. Bored, I shop. Upset, I shop. Happy, I shop. Shoes, clothes, purses and jewelry: I don't discriminate I love them all. But all of this shopping has seriously done a number on my closet and my financials.

Teaching has been extremely positive for my waist line, I have been able to go down two sizes since I changed jobs which meant a lot of my clothes did not fit anymore. And teaching requires a much different wardrobe then what I wore at the law firm. Gone are the heels, pencil skirts and button downs and in its place are flats, flowy skirts and t-shirts. Don't get me wrong, I heart my new wardrobe and my need for more shopping. But all of my new additions has left me with a mess of a closet full of disorganization, clothes that don't fit or just don't make sense.

One of the projects I wanted to conquer this summer was to attack my closet. My closet was by no means messy, it just felt unorganized and overwhelming, so I avoided spending any time in it.

I am extremely lucky in the fact that Mr. B graciously gave me the entire closet taking on a small section for himself. And it's a big closet. BIG. So when we moved in Mr. B unpacked his shelf in less than an hour and was all moved in. Due to the fact that I had to choose between writing a lesson plan and unpacking my house, and well school always won out, I didn't unpack my closet for nearly two weeks. Anyone who knows me, was shocked by the lack of attention to my closet. I have moved nearly 10 times since moving to Austin in 2003 and my closet is generally unpacked in the first two hours. But after living with most of my stuff in storage for nearly two months, I just wasn't motivated to even deal with the closet. I unpacked it all, kept it all and forgot about most of my clothing.

Five hours later my closet looks perfect: organized and color coded. I was lucky that I didn't have to purchase any organization containers, I just needed to get creative with what I already had. Which made this a zero expense project, my favorite kind.

And ta da...

I love my accessory station! Purses, scarves, hats and jewelry all have there own place and are easy to look through and pull out. I am thinking of adding labels and maybe sprucing up my jewelry section (pinterest is a bad influence) but that's a project for another day.

I added some framed old pin up pictures for some fun decorations that wouldn't really work any where else in the house.

While it probably doesn't look like I actually got rid of stuff, I really truly did! One bag of trash, two bags of donate and three bags of resale clothes later and my closet feels a lot lighter.

And I now have a new shopping rule; in order to prevent this from happening again and to help my credit card issues (a story for another day). If I buy something new, something old must come out or the new item needs to be returned. Let's just see how long I can stick to this and for Mr. B's sake hopefully this will work better than a budget.

The Box!

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