Currently January 2016

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone welcomed in 2016 with the people they loved and that 2016 proves to be an amazing year. There is something about fresh starts that excite me way more than they should. I have already whipped out the new planner, mixed up a new blog design and have tons of fun recipes, quotes and plans for 2016. #goodintentionsandall

Listening:  Hockey and football have been on the television since we crawled out of bed at the crack of eleven. I puffy heart vacations, cozy beds and not being's the little things.

Loving:  This winter break has been different, going in I knew that I needed some time to get my head right to be able to go back to school and finish the year. Because of that I kept my social calendar very light and stayed close to the house and focused on me time. And I think my little plan worked, I am not dreading going back to to me on Sunday night.

Thinking:  Since we moved in our house we have brainstormed about a million house projects we would like to do and with the start of the new year projects are on my mind. Although after spending some time researching garage paint, organizers and costs I am thinking we will need to win the lotto to complete anything...dreams.

Wanting:  I saw this posted on Instagram this morning and haven't been able to get it out of my head, whatever this year holds its going to be my year.

Needing:  Sunshine. I am a weirdo who loves the cold weather but the no sunshine thing has got to end. Pronto. Basically without teaching my fitbit is mocking me at my laziness and I can only climb the stairs in the house so many times before everything things I have gone stir crazy. So if the sun would just peak out a bit so I could walk around the neighborhood or to the park I would appreciate it. M' kay, thanks.

One Little Word:  Fierce. Goes back to my whole kicking 2016's butt. Whatever I do this year I want to do with intensity, purpose and just be plain fierce.

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  1. YASS!!! I love your word! Fierce! We should all try to live and be fierce everyday! I have enjoyed my winter break as well and yes my fitbit is keeps looking at me like im crazy!!! Having "me time" sounds like a great plan! Have an amazing 2016!