Currently July

Listening:  Seriously Carli Lloyd is a beast. If only I was half that talented at Me and sports just don't mix, this would be a compliment, a very good compliment indeed...

Loving:  We bought a house and if you follow me on Instagram you are probably already sick of me talking about it non stop, but to bad its all my brain can focus on. Like all day, all night. And we are just SUPER excited to get moved in and start enjoying the house. 

Thinking:  My life feels very chaotic right now, we have a house with bedroom furniture, a apartment full of boxes, a side job coming up this week and a to do list with at least a million items currently unchecked off. I keep reminding myself just tackle one thing at a time but that is proving very hard to focus on when my brain is a hamster wheel spinning with project after project. And then I think hey, I should blog, then I find myself lost in the world of pinterest looking at laundry room inspirations for an hour. No blog post, nothing checked off my to do list. Its a ugly ugly cycle.

Wanting:  Time and Money. Summer is flying by, I have two side jobs lined up in July and multiple leadership meetings penciled in on my calendar. I obviously need the money but it would be nice to get a week of relaxing by the pool in during the summer. Or be able to set up and clean the new house. Or spend a small portion of time working on school stuff for next year. Or go visit my family. So I definitely just want more time. Don't we all.

Needing:  Time and Money. See above. I feel like we are hemorrhaging money ever since we signed on the dotted line...a million and one times. We needed a bed. A new bed meant a new mattress. Which means new sheets. Comforter. And that is just one room. Winning the lotto would be nice right about now.

All Star:  I do realize that this post sounds incredible whiny and a little ungrateful, don't get me wrong I am over the moon happy that we found a house we liked and were able to buy it. But one of my best/worst qualities is overthinking everything. Generally my tendency to overthink is great for the classroom, I use a lot of time to solve problems or see how I can handle situations more efficiently in the future. But in the case of a house and too many hours watching HGTV my overthinking is a little unrealistic and self sabotaging. 

My big goal for the next month is just to take it one day at a time, accomplish what I can and enjoy the house and the little bit of down time I have left this summer. Perhaps that means blogging, perhaps it doesn't but I will hopefully be sharing more house pictures once we are all moved in and settled. Or something like that.


  1. Okay, your post is refreshingly funny and honest and the same time. LOVE your writing style...and the inserting of multiple GIFs. I'm so envious you have a house. I'm getting more and more over apartment life. #problemsinyourtwenties And I definitely share the same All Star quality. It's so exhausting!

  2. I can't wait to see more pictures. Just breathe...and like you day at a time. It will all come together. Knowing will want it all decorated on that first day and you know that's entirely too unrealistic. Don't drink too much Fireball while packing and unpacking. Lol!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Congratulations on the new house!- I'm with you on Pintrest; I start with a specific search in mind and get sidetracked with how-tos on organization!

  4. I'm so jealous of your porches! Such a cute house! I am with you in needing more time and money! I feel like the older I get, the more I need a little bit more of both.

  5. Love your house! It is very pretty and I'm sure you will feel more organized and all moved in soon. I completely understand the needing and wanting more time and money. I think that is on my list all the time. LOL! Kristi Teaching Little Miracles