Back in December Amanda and Sean over at His and Her Hobbies nominated me/this blog for a Liebster award and I am just now getting around to thanking them...
bad blogger.

This is actually my third nomination, on my first nomination I followed all of the rules and on my second nomination I broke all of the rules. And this time I planned to mix and match a few of the rules. 
Cause its how I roll...

Regardless of being nominated before I was thrilled to be nominated again, like super super giddy, I consider these nominations to be similar to being nominated for a Grammy or any famous award show. 
If blogging had award there is an idea.

As I watched the Grammy's last night I realized I would be an absolute hot mess if I was nominated...sort of like how it took me nearly four weeks to get around to this post.

Let's get real for a second:

one. I would be late. Not like fashionable late, but like miss my speech late. 

two. My stylist would quit because I would be so indecisive about what dress to choose. I would win him back, yes I imagine my stylist would be a fabulous gay guy, but then I would hate my dress on the day of the event. Cry. Throw things. Thus causing him to have a mental breakdown.

three. My daring dress would cause the award committee to send out memo's the following year regarding tastefulness.

four. I would get annoyed with all of the paparazzi questions on the red carpet and I would roll my eyes or provide sarcastic answers. Just the sort of thing that can be edited for the perfect gossip column later...

five. I would be so extremely star struck: I would either not be able to speak properly or I would run around with a autograph book begging for signatures. 
Or just droll all over Norman Reedus...

six. I would be caught on camera at the most awkward moments, either rolling my eyes or stuffing my face with the snacks I hide in my purse. Those award shows are long I am gonna need snacks.

tv show gifs

seven. I would drink too much. A girl needs a little liquid courage before speaking in front of millions of people. Or being compared to Beyonce...cause that is a natural comparison.

eight. I would stop paying attention and clap at the wrong moments. Or begin texting, tweeting and snapping instagram pictures...its what bloggers do.

nine. I would trip walking up the stairs in front of millions of people, either from the height of my heels or the booze...really it could go either way.

ten. I wouldn't know what after party to attend and spend so much time over thinking the whole thing that I would probably fall asleep in my limo...staying up past 11 is difficult for me anyways.

eleven. I wouldn't even begin to know what to say in my acceptance speech, because of course I would win, that I would either make a list...or say something like...

I am sure I won't be nominated for a Grammy anytime soon, so I really don't need to worry about coming across as the hot mess in front of millions of people. You would cringe if you had to hear me sing. 

But blogging award shows are much more my brain...can you imagine a room full of bloggers...
nominating each other. tweeting. taking selfies. meeting their favorite bloggers in person.
Sounds pretty awesome to me.

In the sprite of award season I thought I would nominate a few of my favorite bloggers. Some of these bloggers I comment/email with, others I have never commented, I don't know how many followers they have, I just know I ENJOY reading their blogs daily!

Best Blogger Duo: Amanda and Sean at His and Her Hobbies...seriously they blog together, my boyfriend tunes me out completely when I even talk about my blog.

Best Bestie Teacher Bloggers: This category was difficult for me...
 Alison at Rockin and Lovin Learnin...despite her distaste for Fireball or 'F' I adore her and her comments make me laugh out loud on the regular.

Erin at MissLifesaver...her teacher tips are awesome plus she keeps it real and throws in bits of her own life and opinions, I always look forward to her comments.

Best Mama Blogger: Haley at Truth Be Told...she really is so much more than a mama blogger my categories might need work. Her writing is awesome, she keeps it real and her daughter is pretty darn cute.

Best Tutorial Blogger: Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars...her tutorials pretty much set me up for making my blog unique and I even use some of them in my web design class.

Best Writer Blogger: Bonnie at Life of Bon...her blogs writing is always amazing, I wish I had her way with words...instead I have a way with gifs.

Best Music Blogger: Helene over at Helene in Between...I have absolutely no clue about anything music related besides what my students teach me, so her blog is purely education for me.

Best Fashion Bloggers: This was another hard category for me...Robyn at XOXO, Cleverly Yours.

Best Bloggers Closet I Want to Raid: Jackie at Because of Jackie.

Cutest Classroom Blogger: Erin at Short and Sassy Teacher...seriously her classroom is so sweet and creative, makes me almost want to teach elementary...almost.

I follow about 160 blogs and coming up with only eleven was incredibly difficult because I love all of the blogs I read and I worry about hurting peoples feelings...but I had to cut it off or we would be here all month.

What bloggers would you nominate for our blogging award show?
What categories should we add?

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- The Babbling Box!

P.S. I realize I broke a few of the Liebster nomination rules...I hope no one's feelings were hurt!

P.S.S. This post got really really long...sorry I'm not sorry.


  1. Awwww! I love you, Bloggy Bestie! Thanks for the sweet shout out! You know you get the award for most entertaining in my book! xoxo

  2. I have to say that this was an incredibly clever way to write a Liebster Award piece. I love the comparison to the Grammy's. A blogger award show would be so incredibly fun! Imagine the after parties?! It would be amazing. Thank you so much for the nomination! I am completely honoured to have been chosen out of your 160 bloggers. I feel amazing, so thank you for this feeling. I would soooooo be the chick to fall I front if the world!

  3. What a cute idea to nominate other bloggers via the Grammys :) And thanks to you I now have more bloggers to check out!

  4. This is a great post! I love the tie-in with the Grammy's. :) :) Thanks for the award. That's super sweet of you.

  5. Awwww...thank you my sweet friend! Do I get to stand up and make an acceptance speech? I'd have to do a "F" just to get up there...and you KNOW I'd be falling down on my way up there. I'd expect everyone to laugh because I definitely would be...hysterically! We should totally do a bloggy award show. Hilariousness all around!!! We can serve bacon baskets and Honey Boo Boo can be the host of the evening. Maybe she could even bring her chicken, Nugget. Better yet, Justin Timberlake can put on his tofu costume and do the Harlem Shake. I like that idea much better.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'