Snowpocalypse 2014

Today I had my first teacher snow day, and frankly I am rather annoyed by the whole thing...
I even have a cute little five for Friday list to prove it.

one. We were notified at 6:15 this morning that all classes would be canceled, 45 minutes before I leave the house, so of course I was already up and ready. I certainly climbed my butt back into bed and went back to sleep but really who doesn't love waking up at 5:30 for no reason.

two. I am so far behind at school this week, and have stayed past six two of the three nights we worked, that the missing today thing means I have to go up to school and work tomorrow in order to be ready for students Monday and my yearly evaluation Tuesday. Working on a Saturday is every teachers dream...said no one. ever.

three. I could have gone up and worked today, but I don't know the access codes as I wasn't planning for Snowpocalypse 2014. I left my laptop, work binder and work out bag in my classroom. I figured if I brought all that crap home there would be no way we would have a late start today, my bad.

four. We already have a scheduled make up day for school, June 6th. Which means our last teacher workday, clean our rooms, stupid last staff meeting will be on June 9th. What's the big deal you ask...its my birthday that's all.

five. Seriously this is why we closed school and pretty much the entire city...

I get Austinites don't deal well with large changes in weather but this isn't even worth taking pictures of...
but I did because I blog.

Here are my five little tips to surviving the Snowpocalypse of 2014...yes Austin named it that...

Proof I actually know what snow looks like, just in case you truly think I am crazy.

one. List countless items on Poshmark in hopes that someone will buy them so you can buy new clothes for spring, cause lets be real it will most likely be spring weather come Monday.

two. Blog. This one is too easy but considering I haven't been around much this week it was high time for me to rant your ear off and fill up these pages with some new gifs. It's not like I can share what went on in my classroom this week...three day school week and all.

three. Plan your menu for the week. Since Saturday will be spent at school it was high time I sat down and wasted hours of my life searching through pinterest looking for the holy grail of recipes. Let's be real I didn't find it. But this week I made the most amazing salad and have decided it must be on repeat next only three more recipes to find. Back to the pinterest.

Chopped brussel spout salad with creamy shallot dressing.

four. Wonder around Target/CVS. Seriously, if you are anything like me this will suck hours out of your day. I need a new bottle of dry shampoo and well...probably 14 other things I didn't even know I needed until I arrived at the store. Makeup aisles are my achilles heel...

five. Go to the gym, chances are the hundred of people who have been filling the space working on their new year's resolutions will be too busy cowering in fear of the ice on the roads to venture out of their homes.

And while you are wondering about the deserted city jam out to 'The Monster' by Eminem and Rhianna and contemplate on the fact that your probably the only crazy teacher out there annoyed by today's Snowpocalypse.

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  1. One of my BR students texted me like 5 pictures of the snow down there. She was so excited about that little dusting and their "snow" day today. Hahaha! I'm sorry that you have to go to work tomorrow, though. That REALLY sucks!

  2. I think it snowed in Florida today too...about two hours away. It felt like it was going to snow here. I have bigger problems though....Jerm is OUT OF TOWN! Do you realize what this means???? I had to fend for myself for dinner. SCARY!!!!!!! I am guaranteed to lose at least two pounds while he is gone. Normally, I would be all for that, but starving is not a good look for me! Lol! I told him you said he had to make that salad for me. He said he will.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. We have similar responses when it actually rains in Southern California:). The newscasts seem like a SNL skit..."Storm Watch! An inch and a half of rain is expected, stay off the freeways unless you absolutely have travel!"

  4. In East Tennessee we get crazy snow days. At my house on Wednesday it looked about like your pictures, but 5 miles from the house they had 2 inches! Yep, we were out of school. I've got a nasty cold so I loved the day off.
    Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  5. Haha very nice, I can tell you guys really got hit with some snow there. lol. Great tips on how to survive mild dustings of snow though. I'm in KY and we got hit real bad, and for some reason the city forgot how to clear roads so it was a stay home kinda day for me. Sorry about your bday :(