I Whip My Hair Back & Forth

On my January Goals I set a goal to schedule a hair appointment, and while I hoped I would get in this weekend alas I must wait until Tuesday. Which means more time to dwell on what to do with my hair.

I am way way too attached to my hair, which is ridiculous because its hair and it grows back...and if you are like me it grows like weeds. 

But lately I have been jonesing for a change, perhaps its the winter blues...or...the lack of big changes in my life lately...or...its that time of the month...tmi?

Here is my current mop: long like past my boobies long, thick, blah and the only reason there are even a few layers is because I keep taking scissors to it every couple of weeks.

Of course to the pinterest I went and I pinned about eight hundred different options, a million of which are Pretty Little Liars characters go figure. So of course I am now overwhelmed and need your help narrowing down which one would look best on me. Blame it on pinterest.

This color is gorgeous!!! Emma Stone  Medium Length Hair

Ashley Benson Hair  

Medium length hair  cut

Yes I just wrote a whole post about my hair, it has its own pinterest board and a whole room devoted to styling it so a blog post just seems natural.

What hairstyles have you swooning lately?

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I like the Ashley Simpson hair.. but that means bangs. Sigh.. I have a love hate thing with bangs. Are you going to change the colour too, or just get a cut!? I say, go all the way! ( I would have been a bad influence as your high school friend..lol... Doooooooo him, I mean it..;) )

  2. I'm going to need some more details before I can be an educated decision-maker. Is your hair naturally straight? Do you want more of a wash-and-go style, or are you willing to bust out the curling iron every day? Help me help you (say that in your best Jerry Maquire voice), my friend!

  3. Let's get mohawks...just as a fashion statement. Kidding! Can't wait to see what you decide! xo