Small World

I have mentioned before how small of a city Austin can be...sometimes its just too small.

Last Tuesday 4 minutes before the final bell was to ring I received a phone call, someone was trying to set up an appointment with me to discuss my retirement plan through the district. I was rude and short with him. I had a class about to leave, I had a phone I was trying to take from a silly silly girl who thought it would be smart to take a picture with another student in the middle of the room and I was on my way to dial security when the call came in. 

I had him hold, dismissed class, managed to take the phone despite the massive amount of tears that happened and the 'support' group of girls that showed up at my door. Returned to the phone and made the appointment for Friday at 8 am...reality was I didn't even recall his name or know what the appointment was about.

Friday morning rolled around and I was more annoyed with the idea of the meeting, I had grades to take care of, lessons to plan and it really had been the IT two weeks from hell.

The guy walked in the door and his response...
"I know you..." 
For simplicity's sake, lets call the guy 'C'.

Flashback: I was once a social butterfly that drank too much, partied a lot and made out with boys on the fly...or in the middle of empty bars. There were two bartenders (C and his roommate) that we hung out with pretty regularly, they were always one of our first stops, served me underage, rarely charged us and let us dance on the bar whenever we wanted. 

I won't even fool you into thinking we looked this put together...we were hot messes at best.

I always thought C was cute but his roommate was more my style...he was sort of that guy for a small period of time. The guy you drunk dial, stop by his bar and make out with him in the middle of bar, a few random dates hookups. Please tell me I am not the only one...

Regardless I had a lot of fun and have some awesome memories.

Present Day: I now have to have a meeting regarding my retirement plan and setting up my 403b (like a 401k) with C...the guy who used to get me drunk and I openly hooked up with his roommate in less than classy ways.

I tried to play it all off like it was a completely normal encounter as he asked me my salary, monthly expenses, etc. And then he tried to make small talk asking if I still stayed in touch with certain people. Then as he is explaining all of these plan options which I know nothing about...
I am noticing his residing hair line...

He keeps asking me if I have any questions and all I can think of is...I seriously have no idea what you are talking about to be able to ask a question.

He asked me what I did for fun now days...and I drew a blank. What do I do for fun: sleep, drink, blog??? None of these items sounded right, so I giggled like a five year old. 

Once it was all said and done he goes to leave, I go to shake his hand and he wraps me in a big hug. Just piling on the awkward moments. And then he asks for my cell phone number, for happy hour sometime.

Perhaps I blew the whole thing out of proportion in my head...its me chances are that is 100% true...but the whole situation was just awkward. I couldn't get out of my head for five seconds to actually catch up with someone I used to hang out with at least once a week. But the reality is I said goodbye to certain parts of my life, certain groups of friends and certain behaviors that needed to be let go of. AKA...I grew up.

And instead of coming off as the some what mature adult that has it mostly together that I can be, I acted like a giggly 19 year old who couldn't hold a conversation without discussing boozing.

Who cares, I will probably never see C again...
but its Austin so chances are I will run into him 3 more times this month.

How do you handle those awkward moments in life?
When has your city felt just a little too small?

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  1. Oh my Gaaawd. I would absolutely hate it if I ran into someone that knew me when I was party girl. I had a year.. or maybe it was just a prolonged summer where I kissed everybody. I literally would find a guy, and just flat out start making out with him. It was brutal.
    I feel your pain. Kind of cool that he was still willing to party with you.. In the sense that.. ya still got it! But yeah, it is sad to see that someone grown up is STILL into the party scene like that! Talk about exhausting! Bah!

  2. I would have probably dropped dead from embarrassment. I can so see this happening to me. SO SEE IT!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Since you said you were underage at the time you knew him, I have a couple of comments:

    1. You don't need to apologize for being wild and crazy. This is why people wait to have children.
    2. You did grow up. Because this was a long time ago. And if he still thinks you're the same person, I think that says more about him than you.
    3. Holy awkward!