Going With It

For a Monday today rocked, or to toot my own horn I rocked.
I planned two grade level no tardy parties, three lesson plans for next week and all corresponding materials and taught six classes.
Not all Mondays are this productive or easy to handle so I am just going with it. 

Rather than a long drawn out post I am curling up for a few adult beverages and The Bachelor, so here are a few snapshots of life lately.

These pictures don't even put a dent in the massive amount of pictures from when the bestie came to visit.

Last weekend we went to a friend's birthday at Top Golf, it was a super fun afternoon catching up with old friends.

A few years ago this group of friends started a weird birthday tradition of having the birthday boy eat a raw onion...there was a raw onion toast if I recall the night correctly...so of course we had the waitress bring out a onion and a shot of Jameson for the birthday boy. Some brilliant person had the awesome idea that we would all pass the onion around and take a bite out of it. 

Rather than worrying about eating off of the same onion as a group of 30 people, half of who I had met hours ago, I just went with it and bit the onion.

All friends celebrate birthdays with onions right...

My Friday night looked like this: the mister comes home on a when you haven't washed your hair in days, your sweaty from the gym, planning dinner and doing laundry and tells you there is a free Zeale rap concert at Mohawk, let's go in an hour.

One of the many awesome things about Austin, of course I didn't take any pictures...bad blogger.

How did you spend your weekend?
What crazy birthday traditions do your friends have?

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  1. I prefer my onion cooked... not sure if I could get on board with that tradition, but it definitely made me laugh! I think that beer cake is super impressive!

  2. It looks like you guys know how to have a good time! Your students would be proud if they could see how hip their teacher is! And I used the word 'hip' which makes me 'un-hip' but that's okay, because I'm not a teacher. Definitely don't use that word, or groovy. I hated it when my high school teachers used that word. LOL
    But seriously, it looks like you had a blast!

  3. A raw onion? Nope...couldn't do it. I did celebrate my best friend's birthday this weekend. He wanted to sushi because the place we go to turns off all the lights, turns music up really loud with an awkward mainstreamy techno beat with blaring "Happy Birthday", brings out lit up fried ice cream ball with waitresses signing and clapping. It might have been the weirdest thing I've experienced in a long while. My birthday celebration will be in Biloxi this weekend...even though my birthday is in two weeks. Lots of gambling...no onions! Thank you for leaving out....the "f".
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'