Last year I sort of participated in One Little Word, the idea originated on Ali Edward's blog in 2011 and as most things blogging related the idea spread quickly. 

I really like the idea of focusing on one word when designing my monthly goals/resolutions for the year and also think that looking back on the different words I chose each year will really tell a story about where my life is at. Last year I chose Carpe Diem which definitely isn't one word but I like to break the rules. After surviving the first year of teaching I wanted to spend more time saying yes to fun and less time locked away in the classroom after school and on the weekends. In some ways I think I achieved my mission...if for no other reason than to have something to talk about on this blog.

During my 13 in '13 post I shared my OLW for 2014: Focus!

So today I thought I would link up with Sunny Days in Second Grade and share a little bit about my OLW.

This quote pretty much sums up my thought process for this year:

I have the worst time not allowing all the little things to overwhelm me and rather than focusing on one thing at a time, I stress and worry and get nothing done. Basically become a BIG B****! I tend to let the small things like cleaning the house, grading, cooking, other peoples issues overtake my own inner happiness which tends to lead to a stressed out and unhappy me. Which leads to an unhappy classroom and relationships and 2014 is calling for a change.

A few of the things I want to focus on that will be driving my monthly goals each month are:

FOCUS on having a more healthy and active lifestyle.
FOCUS on making smarter financial decisions.
FOCUS on making my relationship with the mister even stronger.
FOCUS on spending quality time with my family and not turning their problems into mine.
FOCUS on being the best teacher I can be and blowing off the bullshit that tends to happen.
FOCUS on maintaining my friendships.
FOCUS on channeling my creativity to generate extra income and allow more chances to relax.
FOCUS on finding more opportunities to generate my own inner happiness.

- The Babbling Box!

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  1. know how incredibly immature I can be sometimes....every time I read your word "focus", it reminded me of the boys baseball team that used to yell "focus" out during the game....only it was supposed to be interpreted as something else entirely different. Oh it still starts with an "f" and no it wasn't THAT "f" word. P.S. Those things are $3 during game times at Hooters...who knew. Not that I participated. haha
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'