Don't You Be My Neighbor

Sorry I had to...

Forbes declared Austin the "number one metro area with the most economic momentum going into 2014" its a pretty wordy title in my humble opinion. But also one that makes me think: sh*t more people?!?

As it is we have had a population growth of 16% since 2007...if we keep making this city sound so amazing its just going to attract more people. And I for one am already sick of traffic. Where do these new people plan to live? How do they plan to get to work, cause 35 is a nightmare now? Where do they plan to shop?

Just one light up from our house they are building a new 55 acre apartment complex, and if I was rolling in cash I would probably go check it out, but the $2000+ rent for a three bedroom is a bit of a deterrent. 

But here is the real reason the mister and I won't be looking at the complex: the complex exits onto the 35 feeder and you must go north to sit at the worst light in the history of lights, in my opinion, in order to go south or even get on the freeway. As it is we can wait an average of 4-10 turns to make it through this intersection, I can't wait to see all the fun the new residents will add to it.

So without further ado a few reasons 
I Don't Want You To Be My Neighbor:

Here are a few of my favorites:

one. Bats. It's 'the Austin' thing to do, to watch the bats fly out of the bridge at I did it smelt, it was crowded and I was bored. Come on they are bats. 

two. Austin is adult never-never land...everyone over 30 still acts, parties and dates like they are 21. 

So when you go and get that big girl job with that degree you worked paid so much for you will lose most of your friends. They are ready to go out at about midnight on a Monday and will be working on a Friday night. They will be posting their walks of shame on facebook when you are teaching your third class of the day. 
It just gets awkward.

three. Public transportation, what's that? So if you decide to move to Austin but have to live on the outskirts of Austin to afford the rent, hope you like your house because you aren't going anywhere. ever. 
Or just get really good at driving drunk, my advise.

Cab drivers will either charge an arm and a leg to drive you home, or try to kick you out when you tell them your address. True story. Or never show up when you call them. 

And long as you are prepared to run across the freeway and walk 5 miles in the dark. And wait in the dark for the bus that might eventually come. And ride the bus with the sleeping homeless. 
Then you are golden.

In all seriousness, I won't mind that much if you do move here...

chances are if we are blog friends then we can be real friends...

but perhaps we could share the rent or carpool...or you could be my DD? And we can make fun of the odd people watching bats...and the hot young 21 year old's. And come Friday night we can be drinking buddies...

Alright I am making Austin sound too good now...
seriously don't move here it sucks!

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I'm moving in...right next door to you. We've already discussed our team teaching plan. I don't like bats, or busses or taxi cabs, so it looks like I will be DD. I'm totally down for making fun of the 21 year old wanna-bes. Plus...there are bacon baskets. There are not bacon baskets here. It's a shame and really the best reason to move...well and of course because you will be there! XO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. This is HILARIOUS! You sound like everyone in Baton Rouge complaining since Katrina in 2005 when the population doubled overnight! You wanna see traffic? Move to Chicago, my friend. I know plenty of people who drive 2 hours each way... and that's on a good day. My commute is 30-45 minutes,so I'm not allowed to complain.

      You don't have to worry about me moving there... but I WOULD like to visit. Alison and I should come together, and we can all go make fun of those suffering from Peter Pan syndrome!