Jealous Yet?!?

So I am just going to say it. I am jealous. 
Jealous of all of the 1000+ bloggers getting snow days today and tomorrow. Alright 1000 might be exaggerated but you get my point.

Why would I want to deal with -50 degree temperatures, curled up on the couch in pajamas all day working on creative projects I keep procrastinating, you might ask...

I hated life when the alarm went off at 5:30 today. Even more so having to get out of bed with our house reading 61 degrees inside.
Sitting in 30 minutes of traffic in my freezing cold car was just delightful. 25 degrees and no snow just seems wrong.
Getting to work and finding my classroom at 53 degrees was just the icing on the cake.

Jealous yet?!?

I handled professional development like a champ...aka...avoided eye contact during all ice breakers, played on my phone and ate my breakfast taco instead of signing positive notes on each other's back...antisocial much?

It was music to my ears when I realized we would be given two separate hours to plan on our own. This never happens. Like ever. Generally they plan every minute of our day down to when we can go to the bathroom so I was over the moon.

Then I returned to my classroom to log on my computer, 15 minutes later no dough. I restarted the darn thing 15 times, tried to run updates and then beat the keyboard against my desk. That surprising did not help either.

Jealous yet?!?

So I logged on a student computer and put in a ticket for my computer...average wait time for tickets is generally two to three there is that.

As I was trying desperately to figure out which/how many students I would have showing up tomorrow I hear this popping noise. As I look around the room I realize my computers are restarting over and over again...that can't be good. Another heat ticket it is.

So let's ring up the list:
50 degree classroom;
no teacher computer to take role, control other computers, work at all;
half of my student computers don't work.


Side note: even though I am the controller of 31 computers in my room I have no administrator rights. We have a tech person on campus but we can't ask her directly for help, it actually pisses her off and she vocalizes her feelings. She also doesn't have complete admin rights. So if I have an issue I put in a ticket with the district and then they decide if they will pass it onto our on site tech person. This all makes total sense right?!? NOT.

So what is a girl to do? Stress...
 nah, this is my six start of the semester.

I did what any smart teacher would do:
skipped our of work early;
went to the gym;
washed my hair twice and blowed it out;
did my nails and picked out the perfect first day outfit;
and watched the Bachelor...mmm...Juan Pablo.

I plan to bore the students with stories about myself, about my lack of kids and wedding ring tomorrow. What every student comes to school should be learning.
Then bore them with days of procedures and rules for when we finally get to use the day.
And maybe even fill in the time with some coloring sheets, that's technology based right?

It will sort of be like survival of the fittest...whoever I don't bore the quickest and send running to the counselors office for a schedule change will one day get to do the fun stuff.

So all you teachers enjoying your snow days, jealous yet?!?

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  1. Oh, Amy! That takes the cake for miserable, waste of a day. You definitely should have stayed in bed... though I'm sure your hair looks fabulous AND you got in a workout! Also, do you not have heat in Texas???

  2. Amy ...great post.. made me laugh out loud. I had school yesterday with very sleepy kids. Snow day today = sleepy kids tomorrow too. We have the same issues with help desk tickets for computers. Luckily the tech department is in our building so sometimes we get a little priority in the "help line."
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

    Have a great day!

  3. What's the point of having a tech person who is a) rude and b) unhelpful? I would probably be forced to politely refrain from punching her. Daily. (I'm a tad bit of a hot-head. *ahem*)

    What a waste of a day. :( Sounds like something that my district would do...have a technology teacher who had no admin rights and half the computers not working. Brilliant. :/

  4. I'm not jealous. I hope your day was much better....since PLL was on! XOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'