WIWW January

It has been super cold in Austin lately...

But in all seriousness I live in Texas these are pretty much our normal seasons:

So I don't typically waste my money on pants, sweaters or jackets. Boots...well those are a whole different ball game. It can be really hard to justify buying cold weather clothing when the number of days we reach freezing generally are in the single digits each year. And all of you Northerner's surviving week ** of negative weather...bless your heart.

But this sudden arctic vortex has left me lusting after coats, sweaters and even jeans. I hate jeans but for some reason colored jeans have become my achilles heal recently.  

Seriously been stalking this coat lately...aka...checking their website to see when it will be marked down.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it I made it a goal to not use my credit cards for the month of January. Which has meant no shopping...which I have been handling about as well as someone handles detox...
depression, withdraws, shakes, anxiety...

In an effort to handle my rage and also set myself up for my February goals of no credit cards, I decided to start shopping in my closet and pairing items I wouldn't traditionally pair. I have had the worst memory lately regarding which of my 'winter' items I have worn so I thought I would start sharing a few for WIWW more frequently on this little ole blog...
for accountability really.

I know the pictures need work, since changing my dressing room around I don't have a great place to take pictures...practice makes perfect.

Monday: My bestie gave me this scarf for Christmas and I kept thinking it was a summer scarf but I gave it a try on top of my 'typical' winter outfit and loved it!

Tuesday aka Snow Day: Seriously was mid taking pictures as I walked out the door when I received 'the call'. Loved the idea of pairing a dressy shirt with my Target biker boots. The unexpected is always a nice change.

Wednesday: First time ever wearing colored tights, I paired them with my favorite Victoria Secret cotton skirt that I live in during the summer! I liked the way the look came together with the mixes of brown and black but I think it could have been executed better...perhaps black dress and knee boots?!?

How do you make your wardrobe stretch across seasons?

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  1. You can't wear scarves in summer in Texas....not unless you are trying to suffocate yourself or using it as a pillow device. I like all the outfits. I think number one is my favorite! I gotta tell you though...I read "Target biker shorts"...then I had to scroll back to see the "biker shorts". I haven't had any caffeine today...I'll blame it on that. I still got a good laugh at myself though!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Haha! I actually thought the same thing as Alison! I have a very similar outfit... but you're way cuter in it! I'm impressed with how put together you look for work. My school is SO casual. Everyone wears jeans and school hoodies all the time, so I can get away with it whenever I want. Usually this means 2 days a week... or however often I'm feeling extra lazy! :)

  3. I heart Mondays outfit the best! You are good at putting outfits together! I can't believe how COLD it's been in other parts of the world lately! What a crazy winter..!