We All Need A Little Spark

I am one exhausted lady.
Surprisingly enough laying on the couch curled up in my blankets for 14 straight days didn't prepare me for going back to teaching.

If you are like me ... and every other american ... you probably set a few goals or new years resolutions about getting healthy or working out.

But sometimes the draw of the couch, pajamas or a stiff drink tends to over power the call of the healthy lifestyle. And that is why I believe we all need a little SPARK in our lives. 

What is SPARK? Glad you asked.

Advocare came into my life in 2001 when my mom began her path to personal training and a healthier lifestyle. My mom had tried a few different sales ventures already and I figured this one would come and go like the rest. BUT 12 years later I still take SPARK every morning when I wake up. 

It's my commitment to the products that has kept me a strong believer in Advocare and now leads me down the path of becoming a distributor, not only for the discounts but because I believe we all need a little SPARK in our lives. 

In the mornings whether it was an early morning class, a rough morning after a late night working in a bar or a few too many drinks SPARK has allowed me to wake up each morning without the sugars and other side effects that coffee introduces into your system, full of energy and focus.

After working all day, then the dreaded commute home I was never motivated to hit the gym after work but I started introducing SPARK in the afternoons to my routine and found myself not hitting that three o'clock lull that we all know too well.

As kids my mom had us do the Advocare cleanses if we were ever sick, a practice that I still use regularly. And she introduced us to Restore, if you have never taken 'good' bacteria you are seriously missing out on not only the weight loss but health benefits it offers.

Regardless of what you are looking for: the extra pep in your step, help kick starting your weight loss routine, overall health aides or a chance to earn discounts on products Advocare offers it all. 

If you are still skeptical or interested in trying a sample of SPARK contact me for a free sample or any questions you might have at thebabblingboxtx@gmail.com!

How do you stay motivated to hit the gym? 
What is your version of Spark?

- The Babbling Box!

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