What I Wore Wednesday

Five am wake up call. 
Ten or so hours of pure:
 never sit down, never shut up craziness.
Eat dinner.

The life of a teacher is not glamours the first few weeks of school. Let's be real, getting up at 5 am is no better the first week of school than it is week forty. Anyone who tells you that you will get used to waking up early is a liar and should be shot on the spot. 
Perhaps I am cranky.

You know what makes waking up at the crack dawn easier, new outfits. If it were completely acceptable I would have a new outfit for each day of the year, but then I would probably no longer have a place to live. The mister does not support my shopping habits addiction, silly boy.

Disclaimer I am not a fashion blogger, I am constantly amazed by all of the amazing fashion bloggers out there who have remarkable style and beautiful pictures, my pictures are in no way on their caliber  But I find sharing my outfits pushes me to draw inspiration from other bloggers and make new and more creative combinations so alas I share.

First Day of School
Shirt - Marshalls - Ella Moss
Skirt - Target
Shoes - Dr. Scholls
Silver Bangles - Charming Charlie

Day Two
Shirt - Gap
Multi-way Skirt - Gap
Shoes - Reefs Flats in Gold
Jewelry - Charming Charlie

Day Three
Headband - Charming Charlie
Shirt - T.J. Maxx - Max Studio
Carpri's - Marshalls - Express
Shoes - Reefs Flats

There you have it my first three days of school outfits, my silly goal is that I will not repeat an outfit the first six weeks and I will not purchase anything new the first six weeks. I shouldn't say that budget goals are silly but really, it's me, I hear the word sale, coupon or shopping and I am all over that.

Two more days then a lovely three day weekend filled with staying up past ten o'clock and sleeping until the crack of noon, sounds heavenly.

- The Babbling Box!


  1. I love all your outfits. I'd have to say the skirt in outfit two looks like something I would wear and outfit three is SCREAMING my name. Black capris, a tank top under a shirt is pretty much my favorite thing to wear...besides Maxi dresses from Kohl's. We don't have a Gap here anymore and the closet Gap Outlet is 45 minutes away. It's depressing! I have ONE hairstyle...go to school with it wet and pull it up in a messy bun...EVERY DAY of my life. Lol! The weekend is ALMOST here...I hear some bacon screaming BOTH of our names!!!!!!!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Wow, you clean up nicely Mrs.!! ( I think you're married.. if not.. Miss!) You are looking very nice for your first three days of school! Your first work week will be over before ya know it!! Enjoy that weekend:)

  3. I totally agree about a new outfit. That and a new haircut. I'm always exited to show off these things. But I agree that nothing can ever really make me a morning person. It's just not in my DNA.